we're hiring 

Very nice! Code coverage is essential for long term success, clean code, and refactoring.

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we're hiring 

I just found out we've got an opening for another developer on my team here at Braintree Austin. Ruby. Postgres. Pair programming. Payments industry. Great benefits and lgbtq friendly.

We got a few vinyls. Love the sound track from guardians!

Reddit downvoted this but I think you all would like this. I did a talk about WebAssembly and got Lisp working in the browser: github.com/freecodecamp-fresno

Thank you guys for all the work you do! Use the app all the time.

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what topics should I be sure to cover at my "intro to fediverse" talk in a couple weeks?

so far I got:
* how mastodon/pleroma/pixelfed/peertube/etc communicate
* how to pick an instance
* CWs
* privacy settings
* clients
* how to find people to follow
* running your own server
* my own patches to pleroma for static-fe
* some history?

"how to find people to follow" was probalby the biggest problem for me when I was getting started. my timeline just wouldn't be active enough to keep me interested until I'd been checking back in for 3-4 months and building up a follow list.

I'll also talk about some of the fediverse's problems:
* nothing is private from your instance admin
* instances can disappear when admins burn out
* some instances (gab, etc) host/tolerate abusive users
* self-hosting is hard
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#Fedilab 2.28.1 is available on #Fdroid. It should definitely fix the crash issues when notifications are turned off. Also, it supports follow requests (authorize/reject) for #Friendica.

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