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anarchist documentary crowdfunding 

close up photo of a fig seedling growing out of a small hollow in a river she-oak.

isaac asimov "the last question" but they're all phrased as "ok google..."

feeling down, gonna plant some mistletoe & make bird noises at birds


"adversarial fashion" prints look enough like car license plates to trick surveillance cameras into thinking you're a car.

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Kurdish activists and Rojava are calling for a boycott of Turkey similar to the one against apartheid South Africa as well as to the BDS campaign

@ToonLink this is really interesting! thank u toon link!

@alpine_thistle @ToonLink it may also be a matter of temperature rather than light:

tldr: warmth makes a cuke comfortable enough to stop being yuck

@alpine_thistle @ToonLink have u noticed any link between the amount of sunlight the fruit receives and its sweetness? in stone fruit and many other fruits we say that the sunlight provides energy to convert bitter insoluble starches to sweet digestible sugars

@lennie editor's note: George buddy we need u to remove the phrase "my face, daddy" from the following pharagaphs
for uh, word count reasons

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Saying "any pronouns are fine!" doesn't make you a good ally 

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Straight ladies, don’t fuck w dudes who

-disrespect you(You’re dignity is priceless and non negotiable)
-substitute telling you how they’re feeling with accusations.
-keep interrupting you.
-push your boundaries instead of trying to understand why you have them.
-disrespect your interests & hobbies.
-does little to no house work or cooking and gives little to no acknowledgement of you picking up their slack.
-leaves you to ‘cool down’ but demand immediate consoling after a bad work day.

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You don't have to change your name just because people think it's for a specific gender. If you like the sound of your name, there is no need to change it just because of an arbitrary gender label people put on your name. Do whatever makes you most comfortable.

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