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anarchist documentary crowdfunding 

close up photo of a fig seedling growing out of a small hollow in a river she-oak.

isaac asimov "the last question" but they're all phrased as "ok google..."

feeling down, gonna plant some mistletoe & make bird noises at birds


"adversarial fashion" prints look enough like car license plates to trick surveillance cameras into thinking you're a car.

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Kurdish activists and Rojava are calling for a boycott of Turkey similar to the one against apartheid South Africa as well as to the BDS campaign

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Saying "any pronouns are fine!" doesn't make you a good ally 

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Straight ladies, don鈥檛 fuck w dudes who

-disrespect you(You鈥檙e dignity is priceless and non negotiable)
-substitute telling you how they鈥檙e feeling with accusations.
-keep interrupting you.
-push your boundaries instead of trying to understand why you have them.
-disrespect your interests & hobbies.
-does little to no house work or cooking and gives little to no acknowledgement of you picking up their slack.
-leaves you to 鈥榗ool down鈥 but demand immediate consoling after a bad work day.

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You don't have to change your name just because people think it's for a specific gender. If you like the sound of your name, there is no need to change it just because of an arbitrary gender label people put on your name. Do whatever makes you most comfortable.

everything comes from dirt. and everything returns to dirt

david montgomery

born to sleep.
alarm is a fuck
snooze em all 1989
10 bajillion live dreams
i am sleep ones

city council cut down all plants in areas where i planted fig seeds. jokes on them my babies havent sprouted yet

northern hemisphere folks, consider filling bird baths and other small vessels with water for wildlife during heatwaves. if the vessel is more than a few centimetres (one inch??) deep, put some rocks or something in it against the side, so that small animals can climb out if they fall in.

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sci-hub's logo has no business going as hard as it does. this crow gonna help me gain access to arcane knowledge

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Not to sound too much like a hippie on your timeline but it would be a lot harder to use dehumanization as a tool for oppression and genocide if we didn't start off considering humanity as inherently superior/"more evolved" than every other living thing.

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unionization shitpost 

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Capitalism, environmentalism, long 

currently the australian government is trying to build a road through a sacred aboriginal birth site, has more details

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