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asexual people are good and important. 🌻

the solidarity and defense fund provides practical support to people who are facing difficulty as a result of their stand against injustice and oppression, be it in the workplace, on the streets, or in the community. funds raised may go towards paying for fines, legal fees, transport costs or commissary for activists being punished by the state for sticking up for themselves and/or others.

Safe Motherhood Alliance distributes low-cost, sterile birthing kits to at-risk pregnant people in Zambia, aiming to reduce deaths in childbirth. Donate here:

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Odile Decq, award winning French architect who renovated Antti Lovag's Maison Bernard "bubble house" in the South of France #womensart

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i spilled someones stale coffee on myself, my pants ripped across the butt and everyone can tell im gay

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Ambopteryx is a dinosaur with bat wings. Not a pterosaur either, but an actual dinosaur.

So basically, dragons actually existed on Earth, but they were only as big as sparrows.

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There are only eighty thousand koalas left in the wild.

For reference, there are around about forty million kangaroos.

many people have criticised communism for causing as much environmental damage as capitalism. we cannot afford to assume that a different eurocentric economic system will fix our problems with the environment, with racism, sexism, transphobia etc. there are many wars that are not the class war

music video: electronic native american group, a tribe called red, collaborating with prolific the rapper in a song about the dakota access pipeline.

The Yellowhammer Fund provides funding for anyone seeking care at one of Alabama's three abortion clinics and will help with other barriers to access (travel, lodging, etc.) as well as able. Donate here:

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sold my wanker shares. you should too if you have them. the way shares work, is that someone does the hard yakka of actually making money, then shareholders take the money. every dollar that goes to a shareholder could have been paid to a worker or used to lower the price of the goods/services provided. think about it.

i bought shares like a wanker so im moving to @lizsmells
ur welcome to follow me there sorry for the muck around

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Hey folks, last day to vote in this change to our CoC and Governing Policy:
A prior temperature check on Loomio suggested that SBC was generally against some of the provisions in this amendment, but it currently looks set to pass.
At present, among many other things, it would bar membership to you if you have a pension or work as a bouncer at a pub. It also doesn't suggest or limit appropriate ways of Sunbeam _learning_ you violate these new policies.

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It would also be nice to know some solarpunks in Toronto, if y'all could boost this.

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