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i bought shares like a wanker so im moving to @lizsmells
ur welcome to follow me there sorry for the muck around

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Hey folks, last day to vote in this change to our CoC and Governing Policy:
A prior temperature check on Loomio suggested that SBC was generally against some of the provisions in this amendment, but it currently looks set to pass.
At present, among many other things, it would bar membership to you if you have a pension or work as a bouncer at a pub. It also doesn't suggest or limit appropriate ways of Sunbeam _learning_ you violate these new policies.

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It would also be nice to know some solarpunks in Toronto, if y'all could boost this.

in i wont have to send this many emails and the audio files will always attach, so mote it be

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In my Solarpunk Utopia, teachers are everywhere and highly respected, teaching wherever they want, so that their lessons are accessible. It's also completely free, but due to the high respect educators have, they are provided for by the beneficiaries of their knowledge (students, alumni, parents). Libraries are more plentiful and larger. Self-determined education, free of limitations and requirements, but still holding to a standard of responsibility, is integral to our culture.

plug-n-play thread, do u have any favourite ways to make and/or use photovoltaics that are for regular people? im up for whatever

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For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here's a link to the recent climate report by the IPCC.

Anyone who isn't worried about this is not paying attention. And you know what? If you're worried, that's a good thing. Maybe we all need to be.

Because fixing this is going to need us to work together in a way we never have before. All of us.

probably could've achieved more millennium development goals if we weren't so keen on boom/bust cycles, disaster capitalism & oil wars, huh

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Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

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me: m8 if u need the servers to have plenty of room and stay cold. why not put them on like, pluto
IT guy: think of the ping times
me: r u saying the lag would be πŸ‘‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‰ astronomical?
IT guy: oh my god

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My team at $dayjob is taking turns at Brownsville helping people navigate the US immigration process. They're taking supplies to people trying to enter the country and either get asylum or refugee status because they have to wait in line for days or weeks before hitting the icebox. These supplies include clothing and nonperishable food.

If you have a few dollars, would you please consider buying some supplies for us to distribute?

Thank you very much.

Please boost.

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It's a new morning, beautiful people.

Everyday comes with its own set of challenges, but it also comes with its own set of possibilities as well.

Try something new today, no matter how small. Interesting things happen when push those boundaries a bit.

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Cool map of indigenous territories, languages, and treaties:

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IPCC on Climate Change Show more

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mastodon: calmly discussing how best to steal electronics from wal-mart

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