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@garfiald formerly known as: the hell-I-need-to-leave-this-hostel song

The new App for little printer from Nord Projects looks great! But the question remains: Where can I get a used little printer! ebay is no help at all.

Two months ago:
>>People if we want to present our work at the company event, we need wlan!.<<

Two minutes ago:
>>Lil_Nachti you will not believe me what I just heard, we have no wlan down in the hall - no idea how we should present our work now.<<

I was able to convince my employer to pay me for the superhi webdesign courses. I can hardly wait to start.

Can’t wait for the tiny desk npr concert from the anymore...

Just got a mail from They need more Pro-Subscribers to stay ad-free so they are lowering the functionalities you can use with the Standard. Don’t get me wrong I’m totally in love with the devs and the idea behind but 5$ a month is a bit pricey. These monthly/yearly subscriptions are making me sick. .na

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Wer die #fusionbleibt Presse Konferenz verpasst hat, hier gibt's unser ReLive zum nachschauen und runterladen. ^de


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I have found a way to deal with my circular hair loss - a 3D scan of me, with the remaining hair will be my salvation. It's only a matter of time before I can become one with my avatar. Fuck you, increasing age!

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Beautiful interview with The Idles about toxic masculinity and catharsis. Most important band for the recent years.♥️

Guter Artikel über Sexismus im . Immer wieder wichtig und leider auch immer wieder falsch aufgearbeitet - hier nicht.

I have been using .blog for some days. On the one hand I really liked the idea of having my own personal blog with tooths, music and photos on it but one the other hand I feel like the mastodon fediverse has a more counterculture, underground vibe. I think I will stay with you♥️

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Okay, people, from now on the Sunday blues starts again. Don't get crazy - you still have one day off.

Übrigens die ganzen alten Herren von Element of crime und auch Charly Hübner sind für mich ja role models für mein späteres ich. Wat wäre das schön, wenn ich später mit der Gelassenheit rumlurchen könnte.

okc: nobody wants to get to know me

insta: everyone wants to sleep with me and send nudes

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