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It's Saturday and I'm awake since 08:00. Feels like somebody was standing on my face the whole night.

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It was just an example of how even in the face of #federation you can get people to gravitate towards one particular provider, given enough #marketing #money.

Take #slack for example, a glorified #irc server, or #whatsapp, #telegram and all the rest of garden-walled #xmpp implementations.

We need to do something different to break that cycle. I don't know what the solution is but it will be #social / #political, not #technical.


Just got back to mastodon to ask this very important question regarding the elections.

Wow! Thanks to all the people who were protesting against the Campus. <3 to you

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@Lil_Nachti Because being a grown up means getting to make your own rules, and that also means you get to eat dessert as a main course if you want to, dammit!

Good Morning friends! I'm a fucking grown up - there is no way I'm not going to eat a kinder country for breakfast. I make my own decisions. Take this mom

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This may have been resigned to a footnote in the media but yeh this happened yesterday:

This was a multi-union multi-workplace strike across by many of the most precarious workers. This is how you fight back.

This is the organised working class!

Was für eine Achterbahnfahrt. Heute morgen bin ich noch zu der Nachricht aufgewacht, dass eine Demo mit 20.000 Personen nicht am Hambacher Forst sollte und jetzt das..

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Well I found my fav Track for October <3.

Burial & Four Tet - Moth

Google Photos Just showed me what I did on this date five years before. It have been the first days in autumn and I was moving with my ex partner from our hometown to Cologne. Nice memories but it's a bit harsh throwback bomb unasked, after waking up..

>>Gg good Morning<<
*Throwing five year old pictures at me*

Def going to disable this radical throwback bomb feature

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on that note: wrote some (german) words on a particular Heathered Pearls remix, it’s relation to the here and now as well as the Ghostly universe in general.

Wow It´s been a long time since I´ve read a truly interesting, inspiring Interview at InterfaceLovers. Never heard of Devine Lu Linvega but I´ḿ totally in love with his work, his website and his lifestyle!

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