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Dinge die ich mir für 2019 wünsche: das "Original Genoss*innen" im kollektiven Wortschatz auftaucht.

Lasst euch von der Lohnarbeit heute nicht runterziehen und denkt an eure Rücken!

Ok ich bin raus. Drei insta Girls präsentieren mir gerade die neue polizei Uniform. Wer zur Hölle konzipiert bitte solche social Media Kampagnen!?

Bought yesterday at the Play Store. Unfortunately the app crashes every time right after starting it. I wrote an email to the developer and he told me that there should be an update near the weekend - let's see where it goes.

Schöner Artikel von der TAZ über und die Gewaltfrage. Vielen von euch dürfte das nichts neues sein, aber vielleicht findet ihr euch bald schon in einer ähnlichen Online Diskussion wieder.!5563181&s

Der Autor des Artikels beantwortet übrigens gerade auf r/dachschaden Fragen.

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Having a breakfast like a 13 yo before driving to . Hopefully I will find a backery near the train station leipzig-lindenau.

Sitting on the train to Leipzig for and marking my favourite-talks with the Fahrplan application. Looking forward to the next days.

Are there any good sources on how to deal with "fear of commitment"? On the one hand on how to support the person with his/her anxiety and on the other hand on how to make sure, to look up after yourself. I only find pseudo science articles.

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If someone talked to you

the way you do to you,

I’d put their teeth through,

love yourself

It's one of my favourite songs this year. Care for each others♥️

I have a lifepro tip for you. If you - like me - are dissatisfied with your life, use the search engine of your choice and search for "Life Changing Movies". Thank me later

This sticker was lying around at a Berlin party at the bar yesterday. The alcohol must have disturbed my decision making - I only took one sticker with me.

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I finally sent my bachelor thesis yesterday. Whoopdiwhoop I'm the king of the world now - I'll get back to you later, first I have to clean out the dishwasher for my colleagues.

Last week I finally exported my figma screens to and assembled the prototype for my app there. Three days later, after connecting the last screens together, I get the message from that they are discontinuing the development of their current prototyping tool. Apparently the development will start next year - so I still have time to test the prototype and finish my bachelor thesis. Happiness in disguise.

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kids today with lil this and lil that. in my day musicians had proper names like "Butthole Surfers"

So schlimm der Montagmorgen auch sein mag - mit Erobique im Ohr zur Arbeit zu fahren, fühlt sich an wie ein Freitagnachmittag.

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