Step One: get my engineering degree
Step two: fuck off to Canada

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Started eating vegetarian again because I forgot how much I missed it

I'm sure it already exists, but idea of the day: online shopping site that only lists union/commune made products

Doing my research paper for this semester on how we can achieve a solarpunk utopia with the technology we already have. should be fun :D

Programming professor during lecture:
I'll be honest with you, I don't even know what half of this means.

Good to know I'm getting a quality education...

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so, I guess I am going to toss my name into the ring here. Not having a vehicle is no longer feasible for the care of myself and my disabled girlfriend. Trying to get a van, but at this point, anything will do. Thank you all!

My parents are sitting on almost two acres of land. I think this year I am finally going to use the land. I am going to grow so much food.

Being left handed is not fun when doing calculus...

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We love our good friend Robot Bulbasaur, otherwise known as HEXA, which helps keep your plants alive by chasing the sunlight.

I wonder if you could make this out of recycled parts...

New here. Might be migrating if I like the atmosphere

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