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Outside an airport in Plymouth you do crimes with Olofson Souders, an anticipating virtuoso.

Microsoft announces Windows Store 'where the software stops being perfect'

dressing up as ideology for halloween to scare mumble maintainers

The gender of the day is an exhausted phoenix in a spectral graveyard.

a lot of fucked up parenting is rooted in the belief that they are ultimately tasked to produce a perfect worker

Eyes on Kazahstan

I ran across a public radio (barf) article about it today that was all about the "worst unrest in decades" and continuing to parrot the lie it's all about energy prices. Very instructive as to how you can tell something important is going on by what's being left out.

Anyway, read this instead:

NFTs (they're bad) 

Watching companies try to hop on the NFT bandwagon throws into relief which ones have the competence to actually run a successful scam.

Minting and selling something worthless that somebody is stupid enough to pay for is simple and reliable.

Trying to construct an infinite money engine by converting consumers into NFT speculators with an ill-defined blockchain integration into a product that already works is a concept that can only be proposed by someone with terminal investor brain.

Today's gender is cleverness and the smell of bread baking.

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