Presented without context, from the hellscape that is an active YouTube comments section.

Random language fact 

@tobi "herfst" has the same origin as English "harvest", and the Dutch word for harvest "oogst" comes from "Augustus". They basically swapped places!

"this time theyre green," cameron told our reporter. "in these sequels, the guys arent blue anymore, theyre green this time. i think green is a lot nicer," the veteran blockbuster director clarified. he told us that the change had been made "very late" into production, and was done using something called a "hue slider"

but also it's apparently fine to create, like, a hologram guy who is, as far as anyone can tell, as sentient and self-aware and deserving of personhood as any meat human, then turn them off when you're done with your holotennis match or whatever

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garfield prizes at game booth, seaside heights, new jersey, 1978

can't believe 9/11 is on a friday the thirteenth this year... how spooky

Today's gender is queerness and the sound of a calliope.

Dreamed I was watching a new A24 film called “The Joy” which was about a bunch of people who go to a house party hosted by a Tony Stark type character and get lost in his house and find a bunch of creepy stuff. It was good!

not horny or chaste but a mysterious third thing

Good morning beautiful faces :fuchsia:

:meowcamera: : Road in Norway, part of the mountain is lit up by the sun, exaggerating the autumn colours

this joke came to me in a dream 

Shout out to skin.. still haven’t outgrown it

i'm a changed woman. I no longer say death to the english queen. I now say death to the english king 😌

I had "gonna" in my posting box and nothing else and I don't remember what I was gonna
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