I'm feeling really into mechs rn, wanna play a ttrpg with mechs and just talk about mech design but also totally have exams to do for the next couple of weeks so I can't

I now own milky,coffee, and I think I'm gonna run a wee instance from it

I'm gonna try to just stick to mastodon because it's biggest benefit as I can see is that it doesn't have incentive to get you to mindlessly scroll, I still can mindlessly scroll, but it doesn't feel like an algorithm is trying to get me addicted

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Don't wanna feel bad all the time but the stuff I feel bad about is stuff i should feel bad about because it's shit and i don't wanna just get numb to it, i wanna change it but that's really hard and the prospect makes me feel bad about myself

god it really took me too long to get into against me! huh

it's really sad how the only other stories I could find like it online were on fetish websites and so I knew I couldn't talk to anyone about it and aged 11 or whatever I was in primary 7 I was already ashamed of myself like that

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she had "smart cells" so when she got reactivated every cell in her body worked to make her better and more powerful so every day she'd wake up and her body would be a little better and she'd have new superpowers and I think I reactivated my smart cells with estrogen

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12 year old me I know ur kinda ashamed of all of ur thoughts but u could have talked to an adult about the fact your #1 escapist story was about a boy who was born a superpowered girl but the government made her normal and also a boy learning to be a superpowered girl again

Is crossposting a faux pas? I don't want to crosspost everything, but sometimes I want my elephant friends and my bird friends to see something

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Hopefully getting my expected GIC appointment moved from June to April next year. That's too long a fucking waiting list

Gonna make trans Jesus rock with only a clarinet

I feel like I haven't been able to properly listen to the new mitski album, but the only way I can properly listen to it is to get kinda tipsy and make myself sad and then put it on speaker while I lie face down to the left of my bed.

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Current Gender Identity Clinic Waiting Times:
Sandyford: 16 moths
Chalmers: 14 months

How much has your body changed in the last 16 months? How much has your life?

Anyway I'm 6 months in so don't expect me to stop complaining any time soon.

I the Transgender Studies Reader by Stryker and Whittle, which is a very important book and is also big and heavy and close to home, so I'm breaking it up with fiction too. I just finished Superluminal by Vonda N McIntyre, which was a nice ride, it had a cool world and asked fun questions and was also just a really nice pulpy sci-fi!

I might jump instance, sunbeam city is nice but I picked it mainly on it's name and it's sorta dead and I'm not like, hardcore solarpunk

I kinda enjoy itching my legs when they get post-shave itchy but it's annoying that they get post-shave itchy.

I feel so fast right now, i wanna be running but like, in a way that doesn't make me tired.

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