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Eliminating the legal enforcement of DRM -- by criminal, mind, not civil law -- would effectively destroy all business models based on proprietary digital information.
-- Kevin Carson

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Aren't unions a thing of the past?
At a time when pay inequality is this severe, unions are more important than ever. The owner class decides your pay, whether to fire you, what health care (if any) you get, what kind of house you can afford, whether you can afford nicer shoes for your kids. The gap between rich and poor has gotten steadily worse for decades. It's not a coincidence that across those same decades, union membership has dropped.

What about union corruption?
Do you think an organization of workers, controlled by workers, is going to be more or less corrupt than what goes on behind closed doors in your boss' boardrooms? There is a lot of anti-union sentiment going around because the owner class can afford media access. If you have concerns along these lines, talk to your union representatives yourself and make up your own mind. Or better yet, organize your own workplace and run things the way your co-workers want to.

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every time I hear about the mafia I think to myself "this is exactly how banks are run but cooler"

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Financial aid, idea 

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personal politics 

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strike tactic 

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Favorite this toot for nothing in return except the joy of giving. 💖

“Fuck off” is an audial palindrome.

anyone wanna venmo $60 so i can buy a ton of zines?

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you're reading that right - self-esteem levels are at 96%

(96%) ■■■■■■■■■□

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Are you cold?

Inside Supermart, it's warm... except for near the refrigerators.

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broccoli levels are 28% and falling

(28%) ■■□□□□□□□□

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A Spring Poem

I know this can’t last forever
But deep in the secret places
of this momma’s heart
I hope
That you will never lose delight
in finding an earthworm
And that you will always call it

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imagine if in the course of giving gifts to your community someone devised a system where you would have trade things based off of "value". who defines what is valuable 🤷

imagine if someone started tracking the trade with scarce minerals as they were considered high value

imagine those minerals were replaced by promises of rare minerals and those with the most rare minerals and ability to make promises just artificially inflated the number of promises they had

imagine that those that held the power of many people owing them promises used that power to amass forces to enforce the construct of that very power with violence

imagine you were stuck in such a system and couldn't escape. you have a card that gets rations of promises if you toil away at labor, and if you don't you are destitute

haha, that would be wild

btw if anyone is gonna be in Eugene, OR on May 2nd, I'm gonna be selling my wares at the UO Zine Fest so stop on by if you like weird zines and stickers and such!

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