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drawing! (nudity kinda) 

its real good! i did good!

ey im repostin a frickin drawin over heeyahh 

i think im just gonna post all my drawings on this one, yeaa..

painting of a penguin! 



ii didnt do many toda y

selfie time, yee haw, almost eye contact ??? 

helloo !!!

a drawing i did a little while ago 

i really enjoy this one!

new inks! idk why i didnt post this over here lol 

pretty prety


im worried im being a little too iconographic with them.
in my defence, the third one had eyeliner on lol.
also trying to figure out why my pencils feel so weird


i dont know whether im too fond of this one.
not sure why.

more drawings !! please look if you want to :) 


lewd photo of my leggies 

helo i hav socks and fishnets hi

grown these from little baby size and now theyre kinda big !! look at 'em!! wow !!

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