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also, thought about doing this in inks. glad i didnt. although i might try something similar with them.

hmm.. how do i do an artists study..

the concept for this one only occuredd to be through error, and halfway through drawing the thing.
the swirlyness was supposed to be hair, but i smudged it around and it started looking like.. something else. so i went with that. added to the face to make it more angular to contrast the conceptualness of the cloudy bit. cool cool.

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pls boost my art or i will wither away and die


i really enjoyed doing this one.
turned out well, i think!

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i think this would look better with a fountain pen, especially on the little lines for shading. luckily ones coming in the post tomorow

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love how my signature is just a scribble, vaguely looking like letters

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*me everytime i take a picture that includes my left hand*

hey did you know i wear a digital watch and have a finger tat hey hey hey DID YOU KNOW

magic the gathering art is real fuckin cool. u seen that one where its like a big animal in a forest? but then u zoom in and its like, a chimera of like, tons of different african wildlife? wicked

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