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you've been magically whisked away to YA novel land. pick your house allegiance:

just thought i'd remind y'all, tomorrow i am closing up shop until mid November for personal stuff so if you want the special holographic BIPOC stickers or any other stickers available in my shop such as the Dia de los Muertos stickers in time for anything before then, yknow, get them before October 17th at midnight! you can find them at my Etsy OR you can DM me and we'll work something out.

QBIPOC stickers designed by @unfitmisfit and the profits go towards them and their family!
Profits of all the other stickers benefit me, a queer disabled indigenous artist 🎉



One thing the pandemic has taught me, which I really value, is that lentil soup is delicious, wholesome, easy to make, and enjoyable at any time of day. I think it might be one of my favourite foods right now!

Seriously, my main purpose in this world is to enjoy my fleeting experience of being here. If anyone disapproves, I have no reason to care. This is my life, not theirs.

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Nothing is cheesy if you value genuine emotions and human interactions

I hope all the parallel Xans are doing well 💚

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parallel realities 

Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a Xan who:

• Studied at a different university and led a completely different life
• Dated that one girl and had their life changed by her ideas
• Is a marine biologist
• Was successful as a musician and did a stadium tour with their band
• Never broke up with that one ex
• Stayed in their home village and runs a seaside restaurant
• Discovered that one thing in astrophysics and is now a professor
• Dated that one guy and was inspired by his worldview
• Is a man
• Still lives in Hong Kong
• Studied botany
• Is a professional firedancer
• Became a science writer
• Rented a studio and a furnace, and became a glass artist
• Lives in the forest
• Avoided being in a relationship with that one terrible ex
• Runs a lab and works with lasers every day
• Is a woman
• Works with fibre optics
• Is an olympic archer
• Started writing earlier and is a professional author now
• Still lives in Tokyo
• Runs a bakery
• Is an actual astronaut

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Sometimes I wonder about what other versions of me might exist in parallel realities, and I hope they're having a good day.

I can’t believe people would just go on the internet and make posts. What is this world coming to?

I hope he falls in love and gets married and has HORRIBLE children

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I’ve decided I should not put a hex on my annoying neighbour. Instead, I should put a blessing on him so that he moves out and goes somewhere far, far away.

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“Silly cat,” I say, “the back door and the front door both go to the same outdoors.” Then I wander away from my computer and look at the other internet on my phone instead.

What if I told you that fixating on reasons why the world is awful is bad for your mental health.

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We get it. Capitalism bad. You're allowed to talk about other things too.

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What if I told you, not every post on this decentralised hellsite has to lead back to capitalism?

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