"I'm an artist. Gardening is my graffiti. I grow my art. I use the garden soil like it's a piece of cloth, and the plants and the trees, that's my embellishment for that cloth. You'd be surprised what the soil can do if you let it be your canvas."
– Ron Finley, guerilla gardener

I kinda love how Paris is full of rooftop gardens, balconies, and window boxes. If you’re ever in this city, look up. There’s a lot of green to be seen.

Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

(I should go back when it isn’t raining, so I can get some better pictures.)

An old photograph of the wisteria garden in Kameido, Tokyo.


Also, I am starting the hashtag for any and all pictures of plants coexisting with human society in cities and other urban environments. Because this is a random thing that I love. (You may have noticed this 🌱)

Feel free to post stuff to it, if you like. Your own photographs would be nice, but artwork, or whatever else you want to include are welcome too.

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