A fun thing about being bisexual is that when an actor you have an unbridled crush on comes out as trans, it’s just like “oh cool, good for them” and nothing else changes in your brain except the pronouns.

Well, almost nothing. I find people who've actively chosen their gender tend to understand themselves a lot better. Honestly, that's an attractive quality in a person.


I think everyone should take time out to question their gender and actively make that choice. Yes, even cis people. IMO, actively choosing the be cis should be encouraged, rather than just seen as the default.

@InvaderXan I can only wholeheartedly agree with this. Be conscient of your gender!

Nice sentence.

I would add
"And if neither of the two predefined option seems right to you, just invent yours"

strong gender opinions 

@InvaderXan Babies should not be gendered at all and gendering should only be done after (if) they choose it out of their own initiative. Gendering should be strictly consensual.

As soon as they can understand it, children should be taught abt gender, & that they are the boss of their own gender. One can choose/change it at any age.

Also ppl should be allowed to change legal names at will, not just trans people, as trivially as sending an online form.

100% serious here.

strong gender opinions 

@elilla @InvaderXan I agree 100%. Especially on the name change thing.

strong gender opinions 

@LunaDragofelis @elilla @InvaderXan And some countries already have it! Russia, for example, has this weird blend of liberality and conservatism where they allow you to change all parts of your name to whatever you want... but only as long as they correspond to the sex marker in your birth certificate 🤦‍♀️

strong gender opinions 

@IngaLovinde @elilla @InvaderXan yeah that's a dumb restriction

@InvaderXan I think what is important isnot to question your gender, but to question the importance of your gender. I have the impression that the queer movement is giving too much importance to gender as a basic component of your identity, and that is wrong.

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