It feels like an unpopular opinion, but liking things is more fun than hating things, and talking about things you like will make you feel better about life than talking about things you hate.

Some people hate talking about things they love and love taking about things they hate.

What should they do 🤔


It really is. I wish I could encourage people to like things and take pictures of the things they like doing.

@InvaderXan Guess I'll continue talking about Merlin and babbling about Pokemon. 'Tis a harsh fate, but I'm willing to accept it. :blobCatBlep:

@vicorva These are trying times. Brave of you to put in the effort and do your part.

@InvaderXan Agreed, and emphasis on the "feels" part. It only takes a few vocal malcontents to drown out the people who are too busy actually enjoying things to complain about them on social media.

@InvaderXan things grow when you give them time and space and attention, let's give that to to good things and let the weeds die!

@InvaderXan I'm like this! Unless I'm talking about myself and then I get all weird.

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