Just think what humanity could accomplish if we weren’t all so preoccupied with making someone else richer.

In 2019, humanity collectively spent $563 billion (USD) on advertising. Millions of people devoted countless hours to creating gaudy banners to inconvenience people on the internet, and banal short videos for people to ignore while watching TV. All because some old guys in suits wanted 2% greater profit margins which they refuse to share with their workers.

In 2020, nature attempted to remind humanity of the futility in this kind of nonsense. Humanity has not yet understood this message.

37% of the money that paid for advertising in 2019, spent annually every year for 20 years, would eradicate hunger and extreme poverty from the world.

37% less of something which almost everyone despises, to improve the entire planet.

A better world for all people who live here is easily within our grasp. We're just collectively choosing not to reach for it.

@InvaderXan "collectively" is the key word there.

More effort has been spent on preventing people from organizing over the last hundred years than on virtually anything else.

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