@InvaderXan Wow, this is beautiful! Mellifluous voice and absolutely perfect lyrics. :)
I think I now ought to go through your other music suggestions; you clearly have good taste.


@Mayana I’m really glad you like it! I always like introducing people to new songs, and I’ve had this one in my head all day.

I like to post these under the tag. My taste in music is really variable, but I hope you find a few things you like 😊

@InvaderXan I've already checked out a few and didn't have nearly as much luck, but I'm sure I'll find another gem soon enough. :)
It's a shame that you link to music.youtube.com for some of these. Invidition for some reason doesn't redirect these to invidio.us automatically, so I have to search for them.
Only a tiny inconvenience, though.

@Mayana Oh, that's a pain, I'm sorry. I just find YouTube Music pretty useful for making playlists. Actually I was going to offer to make you one there...

@InvaderXan No worries. It was my choice to try to avoid Google as best as I could, so I'll just have to adapt and live with it. :)
It's good that there are at least many alternative ways of accessing YouTube, such as Invidious, NewPipe and FreeTube. So really, I can't complain.

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