“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”
– Blaise Pascal

It’s true. Men are very bad at just being quiet and keeping to themselves.

@InvaderXan Monsieur Pascal would have had his world absolutely fucking rocked had he ever met me.

@InvaderXan Man here, as an anecdote, not sure this is true about me.


And yet you needed to say something and not keep it to yourself, thus proving the point.

Just like I am doing right now.


ukpol, quantum shitpost 

@InvaderXan I, for one, am willing to halt Boris Johnson with a sharp "sh!", as often as necessary.

@InvaderXan Quite the trap you’ve laid here...

...he says from inside the trap

@InvaderXan and the men who do manage to do so, are often shamed for it *sigh*

@InvaderXan I think this is a bad generalization to make. But the Pascal quote is one I have thought a lot about, not sure though. Sitting in a room sounds a lot like prison to me. The human genome is evolved for frontiers and exploration, it is not something you can turn off with a switch. This is a major topic in american history, the end of the frontier, lookup Turner, we read him in AP history.

@InvaderXan When your stomach's growling, you have to get dinner somehow.😄

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