In a bad place right now. Not mentally, I just live on Earth during 2020.

Fun fact: there are 6 people in space right now, so 0.000000079% of humans are temporarily free from all of this nonsense.

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Well. Kind of.

‪Earth’s thermosphere, the second outermost layer of the atmosphere, has an altitude of roughly 100-600 km. The ISS orbits at an altitude of 408 km, which is still inside Earth’s atmosphere.‬

‪This space station isn’t actually in space at all. False advertising. ‬

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@InvaderXan Sending hugs. Won't change much of the world, but maybe they can make everything a little bit brighter :)

@InvaderXan where's that fucking alien bus?! I've been waiting for it for years!

@LunaDragofelis I’ve been trying to get someone’s attention for years. I have my towel and everything!

@InvaderXan ngl, being is space must be worse because not only do you worry about the stormshit in the world

but you're reliant on it not getting too bad or you'll just stop existing

@furkachi Wouldn’t even be the first time. Cosmonauts were stranded on Mir when the Soviet Union fell.

@furkachi Eventually, yes. I forget the whole story, but they were stuck there for quite a while. I think it’s still among the longest durations any humans have spent in orbit.

@InvaderXan Oh damn; I can't even begin to imagine the kind of stress in that situation >.<

@furkachi mm, that is the framing device for the book "To Be Taught, if Fortunate" @InvaderXan

@InvaderXan It's kind of both, isn't it? Like Voyager leaving the solar system every couple of years depending on who's definition you apply.

@InvaderXan now I’m wondering if an astronaut with an oxygen rig and a parachute could survive just....leaving the iss lol

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