A lot of the arson, looting, and vandalism is being done by white people who openly don't give a fuck about . Black people are taking the blame for things they didn't even do.

If you want to be an ally, help decolonise Black Lives Matter.


White supremacists are also masquerading as "antifa" and trying to incite violence. Fuckers.

Don't fall for it. Masquerading as people they're not to sow division and stir shit up is a classic white supremacist tactic.

It doesn't matter how much you think Stealing Is Cool™ or whatever. Don't play into their hands. You're better than that.

@InvaderXan i mean, anyone calling themselves "antifa" pronounced like that has been drinking the propaganda

And if they are anything like the typical european anti-riot cops, there will be undercover police agents inciting violence.

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