its 2020 we should be living in lush forested cityscapes

like, the kinds where you can hardly tell where the human handwork ends and the flora begins

@InvaderXan @meena @soft (looked at the picture for 2 minutes like "is that Paris?" before realizing there was an eiffel tower at the back xD)

this is very very nice

@furkachi @meena @soft It's a future we could have, too. If we collectively choose to.

@InvaderXan @meena @soft Oh very much so

eeeeexcept we'd have to be careful i guess about the recuperation of similar designs and architectures in the creation of a pseudo-ecological message of putting trees in glass buildings while producing electricity from fossil fuels or creating it through the exploitation of 3rd world countries

(it's my only issue with the solarpunk aesthetics, which I do greatly enjoy tbh)

@furkachi I mean, it's called solarpunk because a major driving force is to ditch fossil fuels and use renewable energy (even though a lot of people seem to have forgotten why the word solar is there). Removal of exploitative and oppressive systems is a central point. Anyone who ignores these two things is doing it extremely wrong.

@InvaderXan Oh yeah that's very fucking true ! And hopefully anyone pushing forward these ideas will definitely be careful of that.

Then again, looking at how 'Queer' and 'Gay culture' have been recuperated, and seeing as we're square hit in the middle of "green is good", I'm kinda scared someone's gonna end up trying

@furkachi We just need to keep a critical mind and be wary of green capitalism and suchlike. Some are making a true attempt to improve the world. Others just want to give that impression so they can sell you stuff and maintain the status quo.

Greenwashing isn't hard to see through if you know what to look for, and you take a little time to think about it.

@InvaderXan And hopefully it stays that way to be honest. With very large transnational holdings and corporations owning more and more stuff, to the point where the vegan simili-meat you're buying may be sold by a company owned by another company that's committing awful ecological crimes (food related or not), I'm scared it's going to get more and more obfuscated.

But that's very much my fatalist side, and probably giving them too much credit to be honest x3

food industry 

@furkachi Frankly, these things are already obfuscated. We live in a world where we're so far removed from the things we eat that most people either don't or won't ever eat anything they can't find on sale in shops.

That's the whole reason the food industry got away with becoming so horrifying and why so many people are shocked to learn "the truth" about things. It wasn't always that way. In many places it still isn't. Some of us grew up 200 metres away from a literal farmhouse.

food industry 

@InvaderXan That's very lucky tbh. Even in France where we have a strong agricultural industry and it's relatively easy to get local produce even in the cities, there's still a bunch of this. I hope it doesn't get too generalized though.

Though I guess a lot of information having been done in these companies can only help to educate, and the more we are educated the harder it is to obfuscate things!


food industry 

@furkachi Not just education but also some amount of regulation TBH. In Europe, people are required to tell you where something comes from. Knowing where something was grown can help you make an informed decision. There are countries whose produce I refuse to buy. Without that information, you have no idea what kinds of oppression you're unwittingly supporting.

food industry 

@InvaderXan Wait, that's not, like... everywhere? o.o

food industry 

@furkachi No, that's an EU thing. In many other places it's either optional or not even a consideration.

food industry 

@InvaderXan Jesus >.<

The EU may have many flaws be damn, it's so weird that such basic things would not even be a consideration I swear

food industry 

@furkachi There are far more flawed places in the world.

food industry 

@InvaderXan that is very true, and it's sometimes hard to realize certain things you deem obvious are way worse elsewhere, especially in regards to keeping capitalism in check (since it makes for far less inspiration-porn than say, hungry children in a Poor Country and thus can't be milked by capitalism)

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