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Whether or not you're in an affected area, taking steps to keep your immune system in good condition is a good idea. Some tips:

• Be skeptical of herbal supplements. There's no good evidence that they work.

• Exercise may be difficult if you're quarantined, but it can help improve your blood pressure and circulation.

• Try to reduce your stress and get enough sleep. I know it's easier said than done, but stress and poor sleep can weaken your body's defences.

• Vitamins D, C and E are good for immunity. Helpful things to include in your diet are citrus fruit, fish, green vegetables like spinach and broccoli, sunflower seeds, and bell peppers. Many of these can be chopped and frozen to keep them fresh.

• Laugh at something. It sounds clichéed, but it does help reduce your body's stress hormones.

• Be wary of isolation. It stresses you out. If you're stuck indoors, online spaces like this can help.

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Also, if you have a fever, don't take anti-inflammatory drugs. They can weaken parts of your immune system slightly, which is something you don't want right now.

Don't take ibuprofen.

Take paracetamol (acetaminophen).

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covid-19 • painkillers, anti-fever medications 

@InvaderXan According to tagesschau (very reputable German media that interviewed leading experts), there is currently no hint that ibuprofen makes anything worse when you are infected with covid-19. (sorry for German source)

covid-19 • painkillers, anti-fever medications 

@philipp I appreciate the extra info. Though considering Al Jazeera is also a very reputable source, I'd advise erring on the side of caution wherever possible. In cases of conflicting advice like this, it's to take a precaution that you don't need IMO. Provided, of course, that it's possible for you to take that precaution.

covid-19 • painkillers, anti-fever medications 

@InvaderXan BBC also did some research.

@InvaderXan Absolutely correct. I’ve had two serious episodes of pneumonia in 18 months, one leading to temporary kidney shutdown associated with severe sepsis. The second time I sought attention before things got nasty, even then my temperature soared to 39.6ºC with a raging fever.

Two acetaminophen tables totalling 1000 mg reduced that fever most effectively.

@peemee Good to know it works effectively. I've only ever really needed to take them for pain management, myself.

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@InvaderXan Bodyweight exercises can be done by anybody, pretty much anywhere

Here is a free book.

For beginners:

Make things easy by decreasing leverage or using other muscle groups for assistance, make things harder by increasing muscle isolation or leverage. Wall pushups or knee pushups are easier, while floor pushups are harder and elevating your legs while doing pushups is harder still.

covid-19 • health advice • immune system • diet 

@ewankeep A helpful addition, thank you!

covid-19 • health advice • immune system • diet 

@InvaderXan No problem! Jumping rope can also help with the stir crazy aspect, if you need to get out for a walk but can't

covid-19 • health advice • immune system • diet 

Another set of bodyweight exercises to do at home is the (a few years back) hyped seven minute workout,

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@omni @InvaderXan This looks like a good set. Remember to do adjusted positions and go slow if you need to. My tai chi instructor used to say to do '70% of what you think you are capable of'. This is a sustainable amount. Leave the 110% mentality behind for pro athletes who get paid to ignore their bodies. Go slow, go easy, but be regular.

covid-19 • health advice question 1) do you have a link/links to your food supply toots and 2) may I quote them in a blog post?

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@aldersprig 1) Sorry, which toots did you mean exactly? and, 2) Of course, feel free!

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@InvaderXan I'd also add to be wary of homeopathy or other psuedo sciency 'cures'. Homeopathy was a 19th C medical theory based on 'vibrational properties' of 'like curing like', before germ theory was clearly understood and after they started to debunk 18th C humoral theory. Homeopathy doesn't work. It's expensive water and/or sugar pills. If you want 'spiritual healing' do something that we know works, like meditation, yoga or tai chi.

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@ewankeep Oh gods yes, I've heard stories about people who believe they "can't get sick" because of whatever pseudoscientific nonsense they've been sold. It's dangerous nonsense TBQH. If it worked, it would just be called medicine.

Though you're quite right that meditation, yoga, and tai chi can all help reduce stress, and the latter two give you physical exercise too. They're good ideas.

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