Mires, mostly bogs and fens, store around 30% of Earth’s land-based carbon. Wetlands are important carbon sinks for climate action and conservation.

@InvaderXan And that is without even talking about the immense ecological importance and the sheer number of species that can only evolve in wetlands and/or use it as a transition from salted water to rivers (like salmons)

@furkachi Bogs are particularly important for biodiversity. The high level of specialisation bog-dwelling species need means they have very limited habitat ranges, making them vulnerable.

@InvaderXan Exactly! It's preposterous to have your mindset so anthropocentrist and colonialist that you'd destroy entire wetlands to build parking lots it baffles me

@furkachi All part of the harmful Western mindset that humans are somehow removed from nature. Viewing nature as a thing to be conquered instead of the place where we live. It’s infuriating.

@InvaderXan Ikr; worst is that I was raised into it and now that I'm distancing myself from that thought process I just realized how fucked up our education is

@furkachi On the plus side, at least you're aware of it. That already makes a big difference.

@InvaderXan oh yeah, definitely; on the other hand, I can just understand why so many people have strayed from that vision, and it's somewhat disheartening to see that most people my age growing up in my social class will have that vision is they have not been exposed to certain books, certain people and certain ideas. I know that a book that helped a lot was Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer, and I recommend it at every turn, but for each person I talk to I miss 100k :/

@InvaderXan heightened levels of co2 dissolved in the ocean is raising acidity and dissolving crab baby's shells. more bogs = more crabs.

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