Ethically sourced goods with Fair Trade labels may cost more, but they help ensure better conditions for farmers in impoverished countries. And that’s important, considering how many things, like sugar and chocolate, are farmed.

I like to cultivate the attitude that, if I can’t afford something without relying on post-imperialist systems of exploitation, then I can’t afford it at all.


Chocolate is a particularly egregious example. The farmers in Ghana and Côté d’Ivoire are paid nearly nothing for all of their hard work, and many have never even tasted the chocolate which their labour produces. It’s not much better than slavery, and it’s all for a luxury. I think it’s worth paying a couple more euros for a bar of chocolate if it helps to change that.

Since that one iOS update, autocorrect has been so weird for me. Why would it put that é in Côte d’Ivoire? Pretty sure it’s deliberately trying to make me look like a clown.

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I forgot to mention, there's an organisation called Slave Free Chocolate, founded in 2007. They aim to make people aware of child slavery in West African chocolate farms and work to eradicate it. They also keep a list of ethical companies so you can help support the farmers and avoid any exploitative corporations.

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@InvaderXan growing these crops in passively heated greenhouses is also something that can be done in temperate climates. i've seen bananas and plantains growing outdoors in oregon even. we grow cacao and sugar cane here on the farm and make roasted cacao nibs sometimes

@InvaderXan or another thing you can do if you have the space is keep the trees potted and then bring them inside when there might be a frost

@furkachi Ouais, je sais, mais ce n'est pas le bon mot. Autocorrect does this to me in more than one language!

@InvaderXan I mean, in my experience, polyglot auto-correct has always been derpy tbh

It is weird that it'd be in the recent update that it got worse tho

@InvaderXan it's so incredibly frustrating! I'll type "is" and it will change the word to "it," "and" to "any," weird changes that weren't necessary and don't make sense. I feel like I have to correct autocorrect about every five words

@checkervest My favourite* thing that it does recently is when I'll be typing a longer word and it'll decide to Sude aa isly

*may not actually be my favourite thing

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