Sharks are older than trees. 🦈

The first plant species which can be considered a real tree is known as Archaeopteris, and it evolved about 350 million years ago.

The first sharks evolved 50 million years before that!

@meena @InvaderXan I read that as "fems" and didn't know what to think

@andrewt @InvaderXan i think female organisms are definitely older than sharks

(kinda how eggs are older than chickens)

@meena @andrewt @InvaderXan definitely. Although how long have those organisms been developed enough to have social constructs like gender?

Actually... Yeah, apparently they're 40 million years older than ferns!

@InvaderXan holy shit β€” and thanks for looking that up for me, while i read about… php.

@InvaderXan Wow 😡
Older than trees. That's… that's quite impressive.

@InvaderXan I just need to tell you that your timeline/profile is the coolest in the fediverse πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ Love the Nofooling idea and the plant images im general are really calming🌿🌱

Oh, thank you so much πŸ’š I'm glad you enjoy the things I post here!

@InvaderXan I therefore eagerly await the evolution of flowering sharktrees, where the sharks fall off in autumn. I mean they'd probably have to be fairly small sharks, like dogfish or something.

Ahhh, the hammerhead harvest is looking good this year!

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