Nothing’s really sparking joy right now. I’m sorry, I’m going to have to throw away the entire Universe.

OMG why isn't this the poster child for conservation everywhere

@cathal @InvaderXan that and the desert mouse that howls like a werewolf and is impervious to scorpion venom, which maybe less cute but is ultra badass.

One imagines scorpions hearing that howl and shrinking a little

@InvaderXan Yeah :( Just feeling horrible for no reason. Energy drinks get me through the day. It's pretty sad!

That's the way these things go, sadly. I hope you feel better soon.

On a related note, i should get some tea...

@InvaderXan Sorry to hear that.. Your posts are great and really help to show some positivity in my timeline where I might otherwise get bogged down in negativity (my temperament more than anything). I have known low mood plenty of times myself - I hope you pick yourself up soon!

Thanks 💚 I call it a stormcloud because that’s how I need to treat it. Try to stay dry and warm and wait for it to pass. Which it always does, sooner or later.

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