Tacca chantrieri is also known as the bat flower. You can probably see why. Those black, bat-like flowers can apparently grow up to 30cm in diameter!

They're shade loving plants which grow in the forest understorey across Southeast Asia and Southern China. They're also related to yams.

Maybe I'm a day late for , but I managed to get hold of some bat flower seeds!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to germinate any of them TBH, but that won't stop me from trying!

@InvaderXan I saw one of this once, didn't buy it, and have regretted it ever since. Everyone focuses on the flowers, but the foliage is excellent as well.

@planty You right, I’ve seldom seen the leaves in any pictures of this plant. Good to know! It seems like they should be more popular as houseplants, given their love of shade. But maybe their temperature/humidity requirements are higher than most people’s living spaces...

I hope I can get them to grow. They need warm temperatures, and the recent weather makes that a little tricky!

@InvaderXan sigh yeah. I've a hard time keeping my beans alive, let alone tropical plants. are you going to grow them in your bathroom?

Sadly, my bathroom only has one tiny window. But my hibiscus seems quite happy on my desk, so maybe the bat flower might like it there too...

I was not expecting the yam part of this. I have this growing list of plants I'd love to see in their natural habitat. Love this unique, flowers.
That sounds awesome for the plants alone. I probably wouldn't get far just stopping to look and ID all the things.
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