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Lunarpunk has come to Telegram! If you're on there, or even if you're not there yet, feel free to subscribe to the new lunarpunk channel, run by myself and a friend.

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hey humans if you have binders you don't use anymore, you can send them here for rehoming:

looks like they're out of stock of used binders so it'll be good to buff their inventory!

(i just unearthed a couple that are gently-worn and they just didn't suit me so i'm shipping 'em over)

#ftm #trans #transmasc

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this the most little queers on the prairie yeehaw shit I ever seen. i love it.

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just admitting that we already live in the post apocalyptic dystopia makes it way easier to drop out and do robin hood crimes

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"Nobody would work if they didn't need a wage to buy necessities" and "find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life" are incompatible philosophies

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I am finally back on the blog and the results of the No-Buy good. πŸ˜•

"A No-Buy Month is a challenge, some people are going to was about starting over, and making sure we understood how much it cost for us to live."

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I'd say "show this to all those liberals who just want the South to fall in the sea", but let's be honest, they don't care that the south is the blackest part of the country, they won't care about trans people either.


The South is home to the largest population of adults and youth in the US who identify as transgender.


Yall, real question.

How do you keep going and stay involved with social justice and freedom for all when you're just....exhausted?? Like, no one is actually holding the larger organizations accountable for their part in the refugee crises, the planet literally dying, or on racial justice.

How do you look at that and still keep going? Because I've done minimal work and I'm so tired already.

Yo I havent gotten on here in a couple of weeks, wtf is happening?

financial stuff, blog post 

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Babies, work stuff 

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" can be easy to forget how much money you are actually spending in any given month. Now...we have to be a little more aware of our financial situation at any given moment."

New blog post is live! I even talk about why a No-Buy challenge is good for anarchists and freedom lovers ;)

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future plans, travel 

work stuff, kind of 

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mental health, mention of pass depression 

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