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remember: humans understand that we exist in the world by our actions having concrete consequences. The internet engenders passive consumption at worst and a faximily of a community at best. None of which has consequences on real life alone. If a life is spent online, the vast vacuousness of it all will cause a draw toward Dark Play (that is playing with other peoples lives), because social interaction is the only influence most people CAN have online. If you feel too close to internet drama cause by Dark Play log out and make kombucha, or bread, or something that most people don't make themselves. The accomplishment will wash away silly conflicts and leave only the hard ideological ones.

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Ok so dissidentkitty doxxed a fascist.. then a fascist instance ratted her out to the server company, who then threatened legal action against puffinus unless it was dealt with. Which, resulted in the doxx getting removed, making dissidentkitty, who was already mad at the mod team, announce her intention to ragequit the instance. whereupon alyaza silenced her and yelled at her for being a huge hold up in the restructuring process.

cool :blobby_lewd:

(this is mostly for myself so I can have a reference when arcane shit goes down in the future. hopefully I can turn this into a thread summarizing sbcshit)

wait cypress hill is good? god I've been sleeping on this shit lol


First case of Covid-19 in Berkeley I thought I was safe because its hot as fuck and theirs a drought oops! I guess my grandma's gonna die and my parents will have to sell the house!!! wooo I can't wait for my rent free days to be over!!!!!!!!!!

yeah I think im probably a 5 on the Kinsey scale... *Door of a camper van busts open as a dopey lookin' dude with long hair and a beard stumbles out in a halo of weed smoke* *me furiously biting my lip* SHIT

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when I thought I was a guy I always wanted to grow up to be the Dude from the big Lebowski. Only now, in my third year of transition do I realize I just wanted to fuck the dude.

Cont. from the paper: She was appalled by the sentiments of doom, the idea that it would be a good thing for society to break down totally. She was the first I interviewed, and her misgivings about the entire intentional project bounced around in my brain while I worked.

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Its worth noting that there was a single South Asian family and a Single Cherokee family living in a community over 100 white people.

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From my history of Earthaven (an intentional community in Western North Carolina):Alice's comments about how trying to make new culture is a mess have really stuck with me over the years. The reconstruction of culture around permacultural concepts to bring Earthaven in line with Mayan swidden farmers was disgusting to her. She pointed to the emulation of oral history by making people memorize the introduction to an anthropological text, and then recite it in front of a group. To her this showed the inherent cargo cult nature of intentional culture, taking things without understanding. An oral history is finely tuned in its rhyme scheme and meter for memorization, a academic introduction is not. Trying to bring forth the natural aversion to hierarchy and matriarchal attitudes of the rural Maya through adopting their practices without understanding what makes oral traditions function, to her was the height of folly.

I think that the construction of a culture is a bit like fermentation. You set everything up so that it will grow vaguely a certain way, adding your own hand taste to bring out certain flavors. After that you can only just let it go and hope to god it matures into a tasty treat rather than a funky mess.

on patatos:

me @ myself constantly:
That's some internalized Transphobia there BrOtHeR

you're tending to your flock in the field and one of these appears and says "do not be afraid," what do you do

I refuse to be valid. Calling me valid implies that I could be invalid. Stop using bureaucratic words for emotion and kindness. If I say "i am a woman" and you say "you are Valid" you are just creating a framework in which my womanhood could be revoked. The correct response is "cool" or "nice" or "whats that like", Not a certification of authenticity.

Suplexing nerds is a full time job and I demand union recocognition,.
The gentill nerd oprressor will no longer labor under the heel of the decadent Balognese

Foucault (and a few other postmodernists i could name if i wasn't tired as shit), while basically being right about quite a bit, ended up shooting us collectively in the foot, by removing our ability to dream of a better future.

positive visions of the future became replaced with pragmatic stoicism, and the far left's only response was to become unintelligible: either offering a future that was too dark for most people to stomach, or stop offering a future all together.

Brassica oleracea cultivars ranked:
2.collard greens
3.gai lan
7. Brussel sprouts

You: unenlightened virgin, unknowing of the teachings of the Bodhidharma- banging head against the walls of the prison that is reality, hoping to erode the stone enough to taste enlightenment in your final years

Me: Enlightened Chad, disciple of the Bodhidharma- broke free from realities prison by having a brain fart thanks to one of the Bodhidharma dumb riddles that go nowhere.

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