yeah yeah ACAB and all but what are we doing about the motherfuckers writing healthcare insurance policies? why do they still feel safe? i think we should change that.

Alcohol (found a meme winnie) 

I may have had a few but I really enjoyed this meme

so here’s the last picture from this year, happy healthy 2022 everyone

welcome to: every city in the USA
we've got:
Screaming high rent
Out of control cops
Nowhere to pee

Maybe I'm just being an anarcho-
extremely online elitist here... It just really jarring in maybe a good way??

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It's weird when your normie friends post anarchist slogan memes, like yeah ok I guess you do relate to a 'possum titled "become ungovernable", but I've seen you post minion memes unironically

My AI Assistant Jeeves

Bertie: Jeeves! Why did you order 12,000 tiny giraffe figurines? Even if I said that, what could I possibly do with 12,000 of them!

Jeeves: Okay, ordering 24,000 giraffe figurines.

Bertie: ??

Yule blessings --
I lost the thread a while ago
Once upon a time I would apologize
Now I will not
I got bored of shitposting so I'm back to talk about my bs

alc, youtuber 

Thought Slime has declared war against Whisky drinkers

We will destroy them just as soon as our hangovers have worn off

sbc request 

Also anyone involved in the project would like to reach out to me that would be great

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sbc request 

If anyone has access to SBCs financial history I would be oh ever so grateful if you could show me it so I could go over it. I know multiple times there were financial struggles and if I could get at least some of the logs that'd be cool.

sbc history 

with a chunk of the paying membership gone Cocoron was forced back to self financing the server for a while. However, it was easy to pass a ban on an-caps after all that. Ultimately the problem was that anti-Capitalism was not initially a stated goal or the SBC project. I think honestly had that been the case from the start, SBC would still be much more of a DIY space to this day. Because the rapid loss of most of our makers on October 21st SBC was changed forever. I'm going to quickly list some interesting things that happen between the October Hissyfit and the founding of a sister instance
🐐 The coms administrative position was ended giving the wiki over to non-members
🐐 various right-wing instances became blocked and defederated
🐐 the SBC logo :sunbeam: :sunbeam: was created and adopted around this time
🐐 Extinction rebellion was added to the instance
🐐 proposals were changed so that they had far more deffinition

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