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What are the values of the instance?

We chose to align ourselves with that of the #solarpunk movement.

— A demand for technology and society to re-centre around sustainability, longevity, and balance with an emphasis on renewable energy.

— A focus on decentralisation, community activism, social justice and civic empowerment.

— A recognition that economic, social, and ecological injustices are all deeply inter-connected.

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We spent a grand total of 3800US$, for two people, this year.

Back in Capetown, I've missed this. 

Walking down the street a casual street hawker ran me down what after a minute of not understanding what he was selling turns out to be a very comprehensive list of drugs.

Getting cat called in thai by ladies offering professional companionship.

Just being able to safely walk in the streets and experience the bustling city is a wonderful experience.

Old buildings dating back 100s of years everywhere, it's amazing. Totally not what I'm used to.

As it nears midnight 

My life is feeling like a fantasy right now. How can this sequance that is this week be real even.

The events:

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As it nears midnight 

I just traded a desktop for a laptop for the week.

Tomorrow at 8 I take a train to a different train to do a game Jam on the train from Johannesburg to Cape town.

26hours later I arrive in Capetown to a game pitchathon event.

The next day is the last day of the first games convention.

The day after (Thursday) is day one of the second games convention that goes till Sunday.

Busy busy games games week

Oh the convention is held in a castle

Thing I made tonight 

Original opml file started as a fork of

Long while ago and has grown and changed to have some approach differences.

But that's still a very good one to link to.

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Thing I made tonight 

Feedback more than welcome.
I'm not too familiar with webthings so just grab some easy things like bootstrap and got going and a while later I had something that kinda does what I wanted.

Will looking into making more pretty and user friendly later. For now I'm just happy I got something close to what I wanted. I like sharing cool things people made. This is basically just that.

Made in node, express, pug and opml-parser + rss-parser

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Thing I made tonight 

Finding graphics programming sites with good articles is tricky.

So I collect them as Rss feeds.

But I found it difficult to share that so others can see
So I made

It's a list of RSS feeds with the ability to view them or grab the link for your own feedreader.

I also added an aggregated feed.

Still very early on but it should be functional at least. Feel free to have a look.

Disclaimer not really a web dev. Just a hobby, I'm a graphics guy

My new toy I'm super excited to play with.

It's one of those advertisement things at the train stations.

Gonna code a thing. Interactive thing.

I have a presentation in 6 hours.
Been prepping for 35hours straight.

In 6 hours I will either have a degree or not.

Hitting all my usual stress behaviours real hard right now.

Personal ecosystem progress: 

Website with a snazzy twist: check
Personal wiki: 40%
Personal blog with wiki connects: 73%
Publicly accessible API's that use my domains:48%
Hosting a couple friends personal sites on my own server with only requirement being a webring link: check
Keep making new stuff like a public facing agrregated RSS feed I just prototyped instead of actually finishing the other bits: you bet your breechers.

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Hello friends. You can play Red-Hot Robot Ultrarena, my fairly-olished protomabob stompy-robot arena simulation shooter, right now! It's freeeeee.

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Hmmm, I'm actually homeless huh 

So I took the next week off, take a minute, get some perspective on some shite.

And thank my friends who've been basically keeping me alive while I've been down the crunch hole.

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Hmmm, I'm actually homeless huh 

The company went "shhesh mate wtf is up here" and bought me some clothing on the way to the meeting.

This is when I realised that damn, I've actually been slumming it quite hard and been working so much I never noticed.

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Hmmm, I'm actually homeless huh 

So I've been working contractually for 3 companies for the last couple months.

Because they are in different cities and I don't work regular office hours. More of a step in whenever needed kinda thing. I end up needing to sleep in 3 different cities.

So it's been car, offices and friend's choices for about 7 months.

I did 60 hours from Monday to Thursday, they wanted me to a go to a client presentation. I had ran out of fresh clothing on Tuesday.

Return from Uganda 

I just returned to South Africa from Uganda.

Thing I'm most excited about is not having a serious amount of automatic weapons everywhere.

Saw a lot of policing and some crazy laws for people gatherings and having to have police on more than 50 people for "security".

It's pretty much a case of nationized racism used to create self policing citizens with rampant corruption.

I'll write some and do a blog post after I recover from flight fatigue.

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A while back I built a site that converts RSS feeds to ActivityPub actors that you can subscribe to from Mastodon and other ActivityPub-compliant social networks:

I've now also published the source code:

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