The capitalist drank up their legacy and left us with a dying planet

Incest and Child Bride Activist Governor Sheriff Mike Parsons signed the HB 126 abortion ban today. I returned comments like "Gov Mike Parsons Is Piece of Shot" . "Missouri Highway Patrol let's tons of narcotics move across the state but if a brown person is on the highway that's reason to investigate" . " Blue Lives Don't Matter" . ...but when I posted "kill the colonizers " Facebook took the post down? What kind of Truman Show is going on?

Toxic Man O Man - SoundCloud
Listen to Toxic Man O Man by International Workers Of The World Kansas City on

I called Guvnor Parsons and left a message to remind him to veto the abortion ban HB 126

Due to popular demand Fuck 12 Week has been continued til further notice

Here's the speakers from the anti abortion law protest today in Kansas City. 4,000 activist turned out on a 24 hour notice.

To many cops in public office. The only qualification the Governor had was County Sheriff. No more cops or prosecutors in congress

Jam City Antifa is mobilized to face the fash this weekend in Nashville

Setting up at Troost Fest 11am. DSA will table. Green Party. KC Tenants . incarcerated workers organizing committee. Will be at the soap box all day reading prison zines. Come talk about shanking guards!

Troost Fest 19 tomorrow in Kansas City. Stop by will be there all day

@Got_Rent_Strike ported it to other devices, too. The file is broken somehow.

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