If it walks with multiple front groups and talks with multiple front groups then they fash 


A ferel cat is a terrible thing to waste 

#UK's Prince Charles openly snubs US #homophobe in chief and VP, and his wife. I generally despise the royals, but I cheer this act. lgbtqnation.com/2020/01/watch-

Ive seen podcast where they smoke blunts but Ive never imagined how many blunts it takes to do a podcast

India needs to Create More Salaried, Regular Jobs with Growing Incomes: World Bank
NOT self-employed jobs,
NOT Pakoda frying,
NOT Paan selling jobs

Less than 20% Indians have Salaried Jobs

#ModiMadeDisaster delivered unemployment at 45 yr high #NaukariKiBaat

Check Out 5IVE XL 

Freelance Journalist Union Now Has 50 Members Including Kitty Stryker 

Pic of Vegan Pizza 

Sometimes a flaming wheel of eyes comes by here trying to make us terrified and in awe? But we don’t pay em no mind. I suggest you don’t either

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