Got a situation coming at a conferen up in a couple months where the discussion of rape culture in leftest orgs will be heavely discussed and debated. As a cis man i will not be in the discussion but only witness to these events of rape culture as it existed inside our orgs since Occupy or leading up to occupy. The problem is some orgs deal with it quicker and as a result represent the base line level exceptence of mysogony and the rest of these leftest ignore the issue

Whos down for stomping Nazis at Montgomery State Park in Tennessee this weekend?

Third Reich bronze statue with Bronze of Hunter S Thompson in the background ...downtown library Kansas City Missouri

Life Size Bronze of Hunter S. Thompson Downtown Library Kansas City Missouri

"Hunter S. Thompson was a gun nut who did nothing for the Black Power Movement"? -Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin

Last year kansas cops took all the water from camping Protestors so they need support from the backline this year. There's still time to prepare

3rd Reich Art ...Bronze Statute of Railroad Worker downtown library Kansas City Missouri

New Marker for Covinton Hall ..teacher editor ..labor activist.. Author of "Dreams And Dynamite"

Watch "Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard Review | Unboxholics" on YouTube

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