Cw violence pt 3. Cortizol is a stress hormone. Last week i was in a bit of shock for 5 days after an attack. But I blacked out before i even hit the ground. But what my four comrades experienced increased their levels of cortizol also. So the trauma is real but effects them differently. One played football so their recall to process like a bad game on the field as a coping mechanism. One gets out on the street, one feels like staying home and one is ready to kill nazis and kill rapist...women really are more evolved?

Got_Rent_Strike - CW Violence ..My partner and I were attacked last Saturday helping set up for the Antifascist Days Of Resistance filming of The Great Dictator. Red Guard Maoist came early and threw the projector, computer and anti misogynyst reading material on the floor. When they attempted to leave my partner said the reading material was for guest and yanked it from their hands. When they pushed her against the wall i jumped in and pulled off three mask. They threw punches and i slugged the Chud before he carried me to the projector screen and dropped my head on the metal corner slicing my head open. My wife jumped over to protect my face and got a rib cracked.

Speaking of which...if you're in NYC and looking for tech bootcamps, avoid Pursuit.

They market themselves as being for marginalized people, but their ISA is exploitative, and they heavily pushed for Amazon to come to LIC, despite the community outcry.

toxic parents 

CW may trigger PTSD. we begin to recover from our injuries we are beginning to assess the rippling effect of what took place. The appeal to Anarchism is it didnt require a newspaper printing press or farmsteads for potlucks. The Kansas Missouri Border is where Gurrilla Warfare began ...a century before Mao? In WWI 4 empires fell while Mao was a child? Theres 10,000 books written on WWI. How many books did Mao write?

Class talk, poverty 

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