Been thinking about colors and barn hexes, stuff like that. My question is isn't the colors more important that the shapes of the barn hexes themselves?

Heat and polution in urban areas as it mixes with Hi Front as it passes through the Great Plains

Cat Rescue Story 

Comrade Stripes walked on 4 nights ago. 3 years old when they show up. Hid out all winter waiting for food.( I would always see the tail when they hid. ). First made friends with Dobbs and the next day moved in. (Ever see a cat cry when rescued)? Stripes was a mill cat called "Bengal" .. 4 months ago they began sleeping on my lap after 4 years living inside.

Wotan says Happy Thanksgiving. He had extra treats and he's pretty happy

Temporaraly Inconvienced Show Cat. 

Cat Rescue Story 

was i supposed to tell the pharmacy my insurance changed to not having insurance? i assumed their system would just reject it and give me the full cost once my benefits officially ran out. was that not the case? have i been doing a crime this whole time?

The barn deck is finished. We got one clean pick before we started building a bench and hauling in boxes. Wind proofing is taking a little time. Construction materials are 3"x3" tube frame on a roll of sheet metal. The wood floor sits on 4"x4" post every four feet. On a chipboard subfloor with 1/4" plywood top. Wood sealer and deck paint.

Spay and Neuter 

I cry a lot when watching or listening to media, especially in safe places like my home or car.

I actually really like this aspect of transition. My emotions are available and I hope that never leaves me.

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