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NOV. 9th, Sat 12.00-17.00, HALKEVI, Dalston Green Anti-capitalist Front LONDON OPEN ASSEMBLY Come along to discuss ideas, tactics and prepare for another wave of environmental direct action targeting capital 💚❤️🖤

On 31 oct, the far-right are planning to mobilise in central london, capitalising on brexit chaos to spread islamophobia & xenophobia. meet 7:30pm, 31 oct, southbank & counter-demo to oppose racism & fascism. siamo tutti antifascisti!

Chile, +++, youtube link 

This is the biggest manifestation since the end of the Pinochet dictatorship: over 1 million people on Plaza Italia, Santiago, and thousands more on every city, as officially recognised (probably many more in fact).
It's nigh-impossible for the government to endure this, while in the Congress advance initiatives for a vote on a Constitutional Assembly and impeachments against Piñera and his Homeland Minister, Chadwick.

Livestream of Plaza Italia:

This Friday (25th October)
Join us at the gates of BAE and MBDA to demand an end to the supply of
arms to the fascist Turkish State.

Golf Course Lane, Filton, BS34 7QS
Workers arrive early and we want them to hear what we have to say.

In 2017, BAE agreed a £100 million deal with the Turkish Air Force to
develop a new fighter jet. Theresa May signed a special export license to
ease the process of selling these weapons to Turkey. In January 2018, a
deal was finalised between the Turkish government and EUROSAM for a new
missile programme. EUROSAM is a joint venture between MBDA Missile Systems
and Thales.

More information on arms companies supplying Turkey here:

Please share this widely to get maximum involvement! See:

The amazing people at Reclaim the Power occupied a Home Office van depot in Bristol this morning so there will be no immigration raids there today!

On 31 oct, the far-right are planning to mobilise in central london, capitalising on brexit chaos to spread islamophobia & xenophobia. meet 7:30pm, 31 oct, southbank & counter-demo to oppose racism & fascism. siamo tutti antifascisti!

XR have achieved a lot, but as we pause after rebellion week, how do we deal with the ahistorical narratives and dodgy research pushed by the leadership?

'No Extinction Rebels, nonviolence is not the only way' is an article written for ROAR Magazine by John Warwick, a member of the London Anarchist Federation :gaf:

'On Class and Climate Struggle: Decolonising XR' by Extinction Rebellion Scotland's media working group

as many of you know, I spent a week at the London XR rebellion, well I have finally written a short article on what I saw, what I feel about it and if XR is even worth it for us in the first place.
boosts very much appreciated

Global Justice Rebellion statement on Vauxhall Gardens eviction (2/2) 

It does not matter if individual police officers are sympathetic to Extinction Rebellion's cause. When the order comes to protect the centres of power and capital, that is what they will have to do. That is why the police, as an institution, exists.

One thing is certain, however. We saw an incredible space emerge, on the streets, in the tents and here online, over the past few days, for listening, sharing, learning and protesting.

We can see that there is a real desire for these conversations to take place, both from within Extinction Rebellion and beyond, to build a movement of solidarity that is based on internationalism, intersectionality, and justice.

In one form or another these conversations will continue. Even if the big marquee is no longer there, we know that the space it created will not die any time soon.

Love, strength and solidarity :black_power: :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve:

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Global Justice Rebellion statement on Vauxhall Gardens eviction (1/2) 

The Met have finally decided to clear us out of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. This was only to be expected, as any time the powerful are called out for their actions, they will inevitably use the instruments of state violence to suppress it.

It I'd hardly a surprise that this started on the night after we began protesting the banks - the engine houses fuelling and accelerating climate catastrophe.

Many XR protestors will have been rightfully outraged by the actions of the Metropolitan Police over the last 10 days. Whether the preemptive seizure of equipment, including access equipment for our disabled friends.

Yet we realise that these are the kinds of actions, often far worse, that are inflicted upon vulnerable communities every day. People were shocked at the police turfing families from Trafalgar Square at night. UK immigration raids have been doing this for years.

"Waiting around for the government to do something will bring us nothing... We need immediate action" Agitate. Educate. Organise. A piece on how to aid the Kurds from the UK. :rojava:

The Green Anticapitalist Front and Global Justice Rebellion march in solidarity with the people of Rojava and their freedom from the brutal invasion of the Turkish state.

For all the grumpy gasbags falling off their chairs in anger at the sight of protestors not being fully compliant while protesting the destruction of the planet, keep in mind: There are no boots to lick on a dead planet

International Call: RiseUp, Defend Rojava!

is calling for a worldwide mass mobilization and actions against a Turkish invasion in Northeast Syria

Join resistance or organize on:
• 12th October (decentral concept)
• 19th October (central national wide demonstrations) worldwide

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Today in London at 17:30, starting in Piccadilly Circus and marching to Downing Street.

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It's time to add global justice to XR's demands. Decolonise XR, solidarity with the Global Justice Rebellion! :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve:

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