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Hello hoomans,
I am Freya Kitteh, a kitteh who love warmth and sunshine. I also love belly rubs and head scritches. And I love sleeping next to my humans heads and purring loudly in their ears. Purring so loudly that I wake them up. I also like to flomp down at the top of the stairs, nearly tripping my humans up, and demand belly rubs. My interests are:

And did I mention ?

Happy New Yearz frenz.

It's so mild it's like Spring here. Iz even gone outsides!

cats are always like 💤🐱

and you know what? i think they're right

You dare to refuse me hooman. MOAR BELLY RUBS. I am most seriously displeased. I send no compliments to your mother.

Don't worry, it's not an earth tremor, it's just my cat purring.


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