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[Content Warning] Capital Punishment 

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Update: At 9:01 CST, Nate Woods was pronounced dead after being murdered for a crime he did not commit.

Rest In Peace, may he be the last to die.


I feel like shit with what happened with Nathaniel Wood and now more drama with the instance? I don't even have time to get to the bottom of this. I wish I could. I want to support my queer (especially trans), PoC (especially black), mentally ill siblings, but I'm busy battling myself. Rly, story of my life.

I may have found a vocaloid composer that I actually like? (Giga) I usually don't like vocaloid, but their songs make them sound so lifelike...

US death penalty 

Nate Woods is a black man found guilty for killing three police officers. He did not fire the gun. The surviving police officer testified as to his innocence. The actual shooter confessed. The jury did not unanimously vote him guilty. But this is the American south, so, his best bet now not to be murdered by the state is if the governor intervenes.
Take action:
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begging for help 

So ummmmmm real talk here guys. But would anyone be interested in a live-in housekeeper so I don't end up homeless? Like I'd clean and take care of stuff to the best of my ability for a roof over my head, food, and like 50-100 a month so I can keep my subs for games and stuff so I don't lose my mind

What's the most #solarpunk #rpg you know?

My pick would be Legacy: Life Among The Ruins ( ) - a post-post apocalypse where you rebuild the society, controlling both a single character and their faction. About few years pass between each session and you're encouraged to play generations of characters, seeing as previous choices influenced today.

Petition to save a man from death row (boost plz, it's a matter of hours!) 

Relaying this reddit post:

"The state of Alabama is poised to execute Nathaniel "Nate" Woods at 6PM local time tonight for the shooting death of three cops that all witness including the convicted gunman say he didn't have anything to do with. You can find the information on the petition website here:

But I'm asking you, especially comrades in Alabama, to make phone calls to the governor's office too. I have extreme anxiety over making these kinds of phone calls for some reason and am trying to work up the courage to do it but I'd feel really good if I could get some other people to call too. You can call governor Kay Ivey's office at (334-242-7100). She seems set to murder this man, but maybe we can put the pressure on to help prevent this. Let's show our solidarity with this man, whose life is being threatened by the State."

to be serious though sometimes you can't google a thing. sometimes you don't know what to google or how to tell what sources are gonna be trustworthy

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Orca feels so inferior to VoiceOver. I cannot recommend Linux to visually impaired people because of that.

But also: fuck companies for keeping assistive technologies closed-source.

It was like 6 rows ago!! Fuck it, I'm not unknitting that.

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Me: careful not to twist a circular work
Also me: twist a regular work

Another masto privacy query:

Do you know how much admins of local and remote servers have access to?

The admin of your local server can fairly easily access any and all posts you make, no matter how private you set them to.

The admin of any remote server that receives a post you make ALSO has full access to that post, regardless of privacy settings.

So for example, if you DM private info to someone on another server, their admin could theoretically look at that DM and all attached media.

PS: Say what you will about Cuba, but they have a medical industry that has no profit motive and they've done amazing things in medicine. Cuban doctors are world renowned and they have cured HIV transmission from parent to child.

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