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Hot Take on Trees 

Planting trees is one of those "look I'm a single person saving the earth!" Typa things that actually really irk me. Unless you're a specialist, or your environment is especially hospitable, or you purchase a mature tree from a nursery, the likelihood of trees you plant becoming part of the permaculture are real fuckin slim.
Plant carbon scrubbers! but trees use up a lotta resources, and are hard to stabilize.

Transphobia (please don't buy this game): 

Hey, The #Heartbeat RPG is gaining traction on Steam, but ya shouldn't buy it; the dev* and her girlfriend are TERFs. And one is pretty adamant about it on Twitter...

The dev has been reluctant to deny they share the same view as her girlfriend. After controversy of her girlfriend coming out as a TERF, the game got a 35% and 41% discount, both suicide percentages for transfolks,

Today's card is the Architect of Vessels (King of )

According to my deck's manual, it can mean a need to recharge, which is indeed the case. I went ou yesterday and it exhausted me, among other things.


Next week an antifa in Lünenberg is on trial for flying the flag you see here. As the state attempts to criminalize antifascism, Kurdish solidarity & support for Rojava, the Int'l. Antifa Defence Fund is helping make sure his legal $ are paid up. Story:

Qoto highlight how broken AP is to be fair

Gonna block on this instance later this morning when I’m at my desk.

Their forked version of mastodon implements a feature that allows accounts on their instance to follow locked accounts—even if you reject a follow request from a qoto user, they can see all your public-level posts on their home timeline.

This is a breach of trust to users of other instances and provides a vector for stalking and harassment, as users may not know who is following them.


it is categorically *not* ok to use they/them for people when they obviously state they want something different!!

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María Alejandra y Kristel, dos mujeres trans de origen Tz’utujil, observan el Lago Atitlán de Guatemala. Foto: Victoria Helena

boost if

capitalism is bullshit


you would rather live in a society that was built around giving people their basic living needs for free

Hello! #introduction

POC français.e qui vit au Royaume-Uni. Je suis vegan et j'ai 20 ans.

Sur ma page je parlerais beaucoup de mes sentiments mais aussi de tout ce que j'aime faire (quand je me sens assez bien pour faire quelque chose de ma vie).

Je suis fan de tarot 🃏, astrologie 🌔, organisation/planning, jeux de société, game design, poésie et mythologie.

J'ai rejoins Mastodon pour rencontrer des gens de manière anonyme, car je me referme de plus en plus IRL et ça me rend triste. Voilà

Some of my favourite Witcher 3 screenies from today - game's looking lovely now that I've added all the mods I wanted to try.

You can see all of my screenshots of the game here, but only the ones at the bottom, uploaded today, are the ones with the graphics enhancing mods :)

Facebook just dropped an Engineering Whitepaper on how they made the new version of their iOS app faster and more reliable and it basically boils down to "Use native OS API calls whenever possible"

It's a 20+ paragraph screed that reads like a technical manual, and that's all it really says. "Maybe electron is bad and we should use native calls?". They called it "Project Lightspeed".

I'm screaming.

request for money, evictions, acab, police violence] 

the cops are harassing these folk out of their homes, arresting people for bullshit like walking a dog without a leash getting injured and getting deported. it's all on the blog below. please give them money. fuck landlords. acab

We’re looking for donations in order to appeal our courtcase (total costs are around 2000 euros):

Last wednesday the judge decided that 3 squatted houses in the Tweebosbuurt have to be evicted. Today we decided to start an appeals process. We do this because we think that Vestia does not ‘urgently’ need our homes, and that we do urgently depend on the roof over our head. Since the neighborhood won’t be demollished for at least 1,5 years awaiting Vestia’s appeal against the 17 neighbors that were alowed to stay, as decided by a judge on the 10th of january, it is unreasonable and unfounded to evict us now already. The first judge decided otherwise, but we bielive to have a chance to win with another one.

But, an appeals process costs money. That is why today we also start a fundraising campagain.

You can donate to:

steungroep NVDA te Utrecht.
citing Tweebosbuurt.

Donations that are left over after the appeals proces will be spend on electric heaters, toiletpots, and other stuff that Vestia has demolished.


Donaties nodig voor hoger beroep:

Afgelopen woensdag heeft de rechter besloten dat 3 kraakpanden in de Tweebosbuurt ontruimt moeten worden. Vandaag gaan we tegen dit besluit in hogerberoep. We doen dit omdat we van mening zijn dat het voor Vestia niet dringent nodig is om over onze woningen te beschikken, terwijl wij wel dringend een dank boven ons hoofd nodig hebben. Sinds dat de wijk nog zeker 1,5 jaar overeind blijft in afwachting van het hogerberoep van Vestia tegen die 17 bewoners die op 10 januari mochten blijven van de rechter, is het onzinnig en wreed om nu al mensen op straat te zetten.

Maar, een hoger beroep kost geld. Daarom starten we vandaag ook een inzamelingsactie.

Geld kan overgemaakt worden aan:

t.n.v. steungroep NVDA te Utrecht.
onder vermelding van Tweebosbuurt.

Geld dat we overhebben na het hogerberoep besteden we aan electrische verwarming en toiletpotten, ter vervanging van alles dat Vestia gesloopt heeft.

CW discourse, I feel like a broken record 

CW or don't CW whatever you want but also accept that people may choose to not follow you on account of your CW policy. I believe it makes a lot of sense to CW potential triggers like rape, blood or physical violence

as for racism, I tend to CW my musings as a white person because I don't want to expose PoC to it without their choice, but I'd never, ever ask the same of PoC who experience racism on the daily, it's just so rude and inappropriate

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