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Hi, I'm Fenris! I've been interested in for a few years already. I hope I can acquire some knowledge and do something with my own hands, for now it'd probably involve growing food in my small flat.

Other than that I code sometimes, play video games, I cook when I can (I love all kinds of food) & I'm a couch potato. I'm also genderless (any neutral pronouns) and in

capitalism didn't create racism or patriarchy or concentrated wealth and power just like it didn't create the internet or plumbing or social media. capitalism only consumes existing ideas and regurgitates them to suit itself. dismantle the ideas undergirding capital and it will crumble.

abortion study, ages 16-26 

Hi Mastodon, could you take a look at these very beautiful #handmade #crochet blankets, made by my son J. *Proud parent emoji*

J is gay & trans & trying to raise money by selling his works of crochet art. He is working part time & does loads of community activism, so I offered to help by putting these up for him.

Reasonable offers are welcome, bearing in mind that they are large & take many, many hours work. If you are interested & want to know more, let me know.

plastics: incredibly durable and airtight material, almost immune to breakdown

capitalism: lets use this for disposable packaging

Vous connaissez un blog qui vulgarise un petit peu les nouveautés en matière de sécurité informatique sous linux ? Quelque chose d'assez fiable

The Black Trans Travel Fund is a mutual-aid project developed in order to help provide Black transgender women with the financial resources needed to be able to self-determine safer alternatives to travel, where women feel less likely to experience verbal harassment or physical harm. This project was created out of direct response to the relentless and unacceptable violence Black transgender women across the country have been experiencing. We are currently providing our service to Black trans women in New York and New Jersey, and will be working to expand our efforts to other states soon!

If you want well-formatted, public domain e-books, is the place to go.

for new followers #reintroductions!
Hej hej, I'm a fine artist (film/performance), themes are: de-colonialism, antiracism, Caribbean diaspora, AfroIndigenous spirituality & history/culture.

I'm in my first year as a PhD candidate in philosophy/art. Also OG mod here at PlayVicious #auntie

I write alot abt art, anti-racism theory & intersectionality. I also care abt the fediverse a lot.

You can support me thru:

Foxes stealing things really is the best content on youtube.

A tiny pollthread about #DoctorWho? RTs for a bigger and more diverse votership would be cool, no pressure though!

you, tears in your eyes: you can't just call the protagonists of heroic literature himbos, being pretty and succeeding primarily through strength rather than guile is literally characteristic of the genre
me, pointing to beowulf: himbo

Begposting, boost plz 

Anyway, as soon as my flat has a semblance of order, I work on getting plants, keeping them alive and building micro jungles and ponds.
Do you know where to find tutorials for that?

I feel like I should work on something for a narrower desk with more vertical storage, but I'm starting to think I may have to do it myself and I don't have any experience.

I moved into my new flat 3 weeks ago btw. I just ordered the components for my new computer. I also bought a shelf, finally, and a mattress for a new bed.
I still need to tidy it a bit more and it's stressful enough, but it's coming together.

If those drill noises aren't for installing the optic fibre I'm going to lose my goddamn mind.

Can we talk about how pirates formed an anarchist republic in the Bahamas in the early 1700s?

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