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Another thing about .

We don't get to tell what to do. Callously calling a strike on a timeline of months is fucking **DANGEROUS.**

As someone on the Earth Strike Matrix said:
"[The] strikes in [Arizona] took four years to organize and you're planning on corraling unions worldwide in a few [months]."
"[This] comes off heavily as kids telling workers what to strike for, when to strike, and how to strike without first looking for input from the actual [workers.]"

Likewise, callously telling passionate people to get arrested for "the movement" is horrifying.

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Please please please don't read my toots and decide not to take action.

Act. Join a local org like or join some friends.

I've already said this in the pinned post, but I really don't want this message to get lost.

I'm not saying do nothing, I'm saying do something. Please do something.

All love. <3

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ES needed a reality check from the very start. We needed it in our system that bureaucracy and hierarchy are no way to manage a movement. That talking on a Discord channel is not and never will be praxis. That just because you call a strike doesn't mean it'll happen.

But honestly, that would've never happened; a Reddit movement will have Reddit mentality. What can I say.

XR needs to get the fuck rid of the hierarchy (both practical and symbolic) in their movement. It needs to realize that its members are passionate, dedicated activists WHO AREN'T EXPENDABLE. They need to realize that the PR and sympathy they get by getting arrested does not even remotely compare to the immense harm of treating activists as disposable. They need to seriously rethink why they do things the way they do. They need to stop being press-oriented.

Activists should definitely avoid XR like the plague. Stay the hell away from any movement that doesn't respect you!!!

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--This is not an Earth Strike endorsed message--

I largely endorse the sentiments here:

I am sorely disappointed by the inaction and incompetence of , and can no longer afford to compromise with milquetoast movements.

I am painfully aware of the horrendous flaws in tactics & mentality of .

ENOUGH of this liberal reformism.
ENOUGH of this milquetoast "rebellion."
We're all going to die, literally, from heat stroke. Start acting like it.

Earth Strike is dead. XR is dead. But our solidarity isn't.

Fight like hell. But don't make my mistake, don't tolerate liberal movements, and DO NOT tolerate organizational hierarchy and bureaucracy.

Act locally. Join some friends. Help a collective like the . If there isn't one, start one. If you don't want to start one, fight anyway. If you don't know how to, read. Recipes for Disaster is a good start. It's far from perfect.


re: late night gender talk 

this has been on my mind, because i'm not sure what it means to be part of The Transgender Community ™️ any more

i want to be part of a community that lifts the most vulnerable up. mainstream acceptance just doesn't accomplish that. it's the neoliberal lie all over again that if we are just given the opportunity we too can become billionaires

these two ideas are at odds with each other. we can't have both
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re: late night gender talk 

we haven't traveled too far down this road, and it's not too late to make change

realize where there is a cop in your head though, and kill it before a new police stop you
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the fediverse is a clicker game and i'm about to unlock the next tier boosting engine

Should we switch instances again because heck sunbeam

@amy @kaikatsu Me too, but the coop organization has gotten increasingly difficult to navigate, requiring a lot of emotional labor to participate in, while many of its members are casually silencing PoC and disabled/neurodivergent voices more and more. This really came to a head recently, and a lot of people are giving up on trying to fix it

It's sad, but we just didn't have the right means to prevent casual racism and microagressions, leading to a lot of people feeling unheard. Hopefully other projects learn from this and make participation in their systems accessible while building in opposition to these kinds of social pressures

Since Sunbeam is sadly kind of falling apart, may I suggest to any instance admins that don't already have us silenced that you take the :greensun: emoji? As its creator (well, the one who came up with the idea, @scintillatinator did the actual drawing), I disavow it from the white nonsense Sunbeam turned into and hold that it still represents the hopeful and just ideals of

Full-size image below

left unity hottake 

the mass murder of millions of people is wrong and we should not associate with nor give a platform to people that deny genocide no matter how much we want some form of unity :dont_at_me:

@griffinkate Nah, cats aren’t tories. They don’t care about wealth and they’ll love you no matter what your skin colour or social class is. Anarchist fits better, because they have no respect for authority and mostly just do whatever they like.

@skyfaller Lol time to prove to some whiteass dudebro that im worthy? GTFO of my mentions fucker.

:earthstrike: might be naive, inexperienced, or callous, but at least they're not actively malicious lmfao. Unlike :xr: and the 1000000 other corporate & cop-friendly climate movements.

Damn, is being even more callous than :earthstrike: in calling a "general strike"/"adult strike". Fucking disillusioning as hell.

Do something better with your time. Do direct action. <3

This is a daily reminder to dismantle the illegitimate apartheid state of so-called Israel

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