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Over 1,4mn on #SchoolStrike4Climate yesterday according to latest update. 2083 places in 125 countries on all continents.
β€œBiggest day of global climate action ever”says @350
And this isn’t even the beginning.
Because we have done our homework. #FridayForFuture
Pic: Montreal, CAN

Military expansion is not only ethically unsound, but ecologically disastrous. Solidarity with .

down with the patriarchy and down on the #women :blobcatsmug: 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏

To the women I know,
be you cis or trans,
my freedom ends
where your freedom ends.
I love and support you
in spirit and deed. :ancomheart:

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It's valentine's day! Give the perfect gift to your valentine by taking steps to make sure they don't die in a terrible series of natural disasters and crippling infrastructure. Avert climate breakdown, join Earth Strike NOW! <3

"Because... jobs" has got to stop being our justification for screwing up the environment & trampling over worker's rights.

People have jobs. They still can't feed their children, who are growing up in a toxic environment.

The economy should serve us. We should not serve the economy.

Probably one of the biggest unacknowledged impacts of capitalism on our life is the artificial scarcity of time.

Without capitalism, we could all work less. We could rest more. We could let selfcare, play and creation come intuitively. A lot of things don’t need to be scheduled.
We could just let time happen without any obligation to make a particular use of it.

I haven't posted in a while, apologies! A lot have been going on behind the scenes, and we're working very hard so that we have the efficacy the world needs!

Here's a quick list of updates:
- The CCC structure proposal has been adopted for increased efficiency and accountability of ES.
- Earth Strike has organized high turnout events in The Netherlands
- Regional Chapters continue to work towards the Earth Week protests

The world needs radical action NOW!

As always, you are welcome to and NEEDED by Earth Strike! Message us to become a member today!

BREAKING - A sit-down strike continues into a second day for GM auto assembly workers in Ontario, Canada protesting the planned closure of their plant. #StrikeToWin #WorkerPower cp24.com/mobile/news/workers-a

This is Canada in 2019. Indigenous people getting ripped from their homes by militarized police. Gidumt'en Clan spokesperson Molly Wickham arrested on her land. 12+ arrests including an elder. Wet'suwt'en hereditary chiefs with millenia old names blocked from their territories.

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