BREAKING - A sit-down strike continues into a second day for GM auto assembly workers in Ontario, Canada protesting the planned closure of their plant. #StrikeToWin #WorkerPower

This is Canada in 2019. Indigenous people getting ripped from their homes by militarized police. Gidumt'en Clan spokesperson Molly Wickham arrested on her land. 12+ arrests including an elder. Wet'suwt'en hereditary chiefs with millenia old names blocked from their territories.

Earth Strike International stands in solidarity with the indigenous people of

's first global day of action is on January 15! Get in touch with your local Earth Strike campaign, let's get this bread!

reminder that separatism does the work of the capitalists for them, fracturing leftist & lgbt movements is a classic move in the capitalists handbook ala COINTELPRO. there is nothing they fear more than a united and intersectional force of revolution.

Hey people, guess what?

The Earth Strike Discord just hit 3000 people!

Our environment has a major (and often unseen) impact on how our lives unfurl, and means that many people are playing with a deck stacked against them. Our New Year’s resolution should be to change that:

1月15日 最初のデモンストレーション!
4月27日  アースデイのデモンストレーション!
8月1日 ラストのデモンストレーション!
9月27日 インターナショナルアースゼネスト !

Jan 15, 2019 - Kickoff protest
April 27, 2019 - Halfway Earth Day protest
August 1, 2019 - Final Pre-Strike Protest
September 27, 2019 - Earth Strike!

If you've ever thought about joining , now is the time! We're getting fired up for our January 15 kickoff protests and there's a job for everyone!

Whether you want to help with social media, website, outreach, translate documents, make graphics, or plan actions with your local team!

We're all over the world, with national campaigns in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Brazil, NZ, Norway, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Denmark, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, India, and Italy.

Act now to save the planet, join , get involved!

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