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I tried to listen to chapo trap house and damn... Does anyone of you folks enjoys it?
Is this podcast anything other than really boring and dull?

Maybe I listened to the wrong one but the hosts seem more interested by their own voice than asking proper questions to the guest

Phrenology is just astrology but for racists.
Same garbage but different varnish

I’ll be headed to this summer
Going to start building a geodesic dome to bring shade to our campside
Le me be very excited 😊

This weekend’s bike-venture continues (and nears its end) with a long section of road replaced by a one hour train ride that will finish 5km from my apartment
Pushed hard on today’s road section to compensate on the “lost” kms 🤪
Tonight’s pizza will be well deserved 🤤

I have been following the transcontinental race , it is a self supported, single stage bike race where riders have to go from bulgaria all the way to the western-est part of France in brittany by cycling through the alps
About 4000km that the leader of the race finished this morning in only 10days.
She (Fiona Kolbinger) was racing her first race, riding approximately 19 hours a day in the saddle and sleeping 5 hours.

For the record, she did more in 10 days than what the tour de france rides does in 20 (more hurs in the saddle, more distance and more climbs) and there is no massage and chef when she finishes her day on the road!

I am definitely packing my tent on my bicycle next weekend and trying to ride as far as possible in 3 days 🚵

Haven't played minecraft since 2011 and decided to download and play it!
Me: oh it is so fun to cut trees again!
My computer: it's getting hot in here
Me: look at those graphics! and new flowers
My computer: [dies]
Me: :pika_surprise:

Radiotopia has excellent podcasts!
This one is about a buddha ;)
But also about "hostile architecture": how urban planners and locals can act upon the urban landscape to cause social change

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@Antot The NODE zine is up at with physical copies for purchase, but also as a free PDF download

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@Antot darn just checked and you probably do know about them already. They were the first thing I thought of.

N-O-D-E also comes to mind: they focus on decentralization, P2P, open-source, DIY and hardware design.

They also recently published a 150-page print zine, and it's available for free in electronic form on the Dat P2P network.

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@Antot Research is one of my talents so hang on tight

Have you heard of Low-tech Magazine?

-- They have long-form articles going back to 2007 on everything from urban farming to wind turbines to water motors to open modular hardware to basketry to knot-tying

-- Since 2018 they've run a self-hosted solar-powered server and they have articles detailing how they did it

--They sell a 710-page paperback with their 37 most recent articles from 2012 for 2018 for (super-low-tech) offline reading

Do you guys have any good or or zine you would advise me to read during this rainy saturday?

Super-warm weather is the best type of weather

1. You diet can be made of only gazpacho and ice-cream
2. Early morning and late evening feels great
3. You can release your lizard 'sona and burn under the sun or give a try to human photosynthesis (never worked yet, but, who knows?)

Just did 100km on my bike today, my legs are hating me right now

next time I'll do 150km, but I'll remove a lot of stuff form the bike (rack, mudgards) and I'll try not to carry as much useless stuff as I did today D:

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Lewd cursed bathwater shitpost 

Gamer girl bathwater is just homeopathic used panties

400 fellow cyclists at a local critical mass type event
It felt super good to own the street and roam around with the superb weather
Pedestrian cheered us and we all responded with a bell concerto, it was super fun!

I Will do it again next month!

Want to put my hands on a portable emitter - receiver to tinker with packet radio and other digital modes

RaspberryPi (4) would be great for the brainz but the radio is unclear to me: LimeSDR mini have USB3 so I could use the full bandwidth of the receiver
Or a ADAML-Pluto which is equipped with USB2 so a max of 10MHz BW is possible

the pluto is hardly available but it is fitted with a FPGA-SoC onboard, this could offer some great low-level DSP

I guess I could justify the pluto to be bought on company money as a training but I'd prefer to own it myself to hack it more thouroughly

Just installed 3 bidon holder on my bicycle 🚲 ! They will come handy this weekend as commuting 7km at noon felt like entering a sauna, 40celcius at 17:00 🥵

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