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Remember to use the hashtag and/or tag @actionweek in your action posts! If you want your submission to remain anonymous, you can also DM this blog and we'll repost it for you. I can't wait to see what we all accomplish this week!

@solarpunkgnome Have you looked at fannypacks and other designs of bumbags?


It is a very good crumble!
The taste is nice
Texture is funny

But the cooking process is a bith harder than I thought: the oats are cooking/burning too fast compared to the apples
Also I forgot to add cinnamon :(

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I a running low on flour (and would like to make pizza and bread next week without going out and breaking confinment!)
So I replaced half the flour in my crumble with oats
Looks yummy! I’ll keep you updated when it is cooked and tested!

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!?!?!?!!? mom didn't even tell me we were doing these
the bag contains a mixture of clay and sawdust (clean cat litter apparently) and is mixed in with spores. you let them myceliate for a few weeks and then poke a hole in it and they just go like foomf... endlessly harvestable mushrooms for your kitchen. as fuck

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accidentally kicked the roomba now im apologizing to it profusely

Me elder mushrump friends may liveth at any timeth of the year if 't be true thee gift them warmeth lodging and feedeth those folk a lil bit of wat'r and a lil bit of rice.

*please tell me if that riddly olde english tone is too bothersome, I'm happy to answer any question :blobcathug: *

Thee olde gods has’t spoken and I shall get ready to listen


@wanderlustking Somebody needs to take the reins as main Admin and take all the official things under his name

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Probably time to revisit the air-dropped WiFi mesh node idea

The recipe so far:

- Cut-away drogue
- Flip-up 5V solar panels
- 18650 battery pack
- Hacked travel router
- Spray painted PVC tube
- 2 End caps
- Spring-loaded, sheet metal legs

+ Maybe an ESP32 to handle maintenance like flipping the solar panels down and up again via solenoid to get rid of snow/debris accumulation

@cypnk you could do precision landing if you use an RC paraglider
That could be a great sewing project


Natural medicines are not for every illness obviously!
But the study of pland based traditional remedies is what brought most of our current pharmacopea: the big pharma corps have been sending scientists to the amazon to study traditionally used plants for a long time, and without any documented use of a molecule in these remedies they remain open to be patented.

I find it more revolting to be barred the use of "new" traditional medicine that could be brought to us freely by the wonders of synthetic chemistry and open laboratories, than to have to ingest pills rather than plants.

drugs mentions a slow day doing permaculture and manucuring the latest harvest while eating a weed cookie

Just bought a roll of Tyvek (paper like unwoven fabric)
This was for some cheap prototype but I'll also use it to make some bags and if it handles well I want to try making a cheap bivybag out of it.
Something that could protect me and my sleeping bag against dew in the morning or the odd rain out in summer or spring
The stuff is super light and metallized so it would reflect my own heat and keep me cosy.

Currently hesitating between a sewn construction or a glued one.

En vacances continu

On holiday continuously

@becky Sure!, waxed canvas is on my to-try list for a low-tech bag.
My mom has been doing it to replace cling film, but it becomes really stiff and crumples
also, abrasion on the material is quite odd
This makes me think that baggages using wax should be "weathered" or something like that
Have you dealt with waxed fabric before?

@Hylyx Cool stuff!
billboard vinyl is definitely too heavy for my needs but I'd be interested to know how you sew it and made it waterproof
what did you use for the closing system? rolltop? zipper? cord?

My panniers are store-bought but the construction is really interesting: the seams are welded with RF (definitely out of my league for DIY) but all the attachement points are riveted (definitely easier to do!)

@becky Is tarpaulin a single fabric type or is it a generis for all plastic tarp material?
I already have some laying around that I use as a camping shelter but that could be enough for my prototype v2

Regarding tape, I was thinking about that too, but some peoples told me it was not that good, I don't really know what to think of it

I started learning sewing to craft some bags.
My frame bag is starting to take shape as a cotton prototype.

Now I have to find some proper waterproof fabric. DIY bag-builders are often using Xpac, it seems fragile but the weight would be a big plus
However, proper weatherpoof seams are still a mistery, should I seal them with silicon?

For the closing system, a zipper would be straightforward, especially if I use Xpac but I'd love to try a rolltop bag someday

Next sewing project for the bike will be a handlebar bag, I'm wondering if I should design a basic one or start with a triathlon bar setup (the tri-bars help a lot when doing long distances and multi-days sooo...). Also tri-bar setups looks cool and give more space on the cockpit to hang gear from ;p

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