I a running low on flour (and would like to make pizza and bread next week without going out and breaking confinment!)
So I replaced half the flour in my crumble with oats
Looks yummy! I’ll keep you updated when it is cooked and tested!

Thee olde gods has’t spoken and I shall get ready to listen

En vacances continu

On holiday continuously

This weekend’s bike-venture continues (and nears its end) with a long section of road replaced by a one hour train ride that will finish 5km from my apartment
Pushed hard on today’s road section to compensate on the “lost” kms 🤪
Tonight’s pizza will be well deserved 🤤

👯 dancing in tha woods!

Outdoors-raving season is starting again

Drinking tea from a glass pint is the best way to drink tea

Thou shall not debate that

Diy mayonnaise 

Just made some mayonnaise!
Never expected it to be so easy


I cooked some shutney (indian type of jam cooked with vinegar) because I had some veggies going bad
So this is my tomato-zucchini-onion shutney
Tastes really good but a bit too acidic!
Will try with fruits and onion next time

It’s a really nice way to use old fruits and vegs and avoid sending them to the trash


Da shutney is cooking well!

On the road to success!

Cooking some ginger simple syrup!
Looks really yummy
It’s really good for cocktails but I wonder if I’ll be able to use it effectively in general cooking for veggies or soups 🤔

Yummy mashed lentil soup to eat tonight!
Not very good to the eye but a blessing to the stomach
12/10, would cook again

Spent 15mins

Very simple lock I opened in a few minutes each times

Rakeing is fun but I hope to get more training with the feelers and half diamond to go to more difficult locks!

But damn! The carbon steel they are made out of makes my fingers stink!

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