I started learning sewing to craft some bags.
My frame bag is starting to take shape as a cotton prototype.

Now I have to find some proper waterproof fabric. DIY bag-builders are often using Xpac, it seems fragile but the weight would be a big plus
However, proper weatherpoof seams are still a mistery, should I seal them with silicon?

For the closing system, a zipper would be straightforward, especially if I use Xpac but I'd love to try a rolltop bag someday

Next sewing project for the bike will be a handlebar bag, I'm wondering if I should design a basic one or start with a triathlon bar setup (the tri-bars help a lot when doing long distances and multi-days sooo...). Also tri-bar setups looks cool and give more space on the cockpit to hang gear from ;p

@Antot I don’t know what xpac is, but tarpaulin would be waterproof and pretty tough.
As for seams, there’s such a thing a seam tape, though I don’t know much about it

@becky Is tarpaulin a single fabric type or is it a generis for all plastic tarp material?
I already have some laying around that I use as a camping shelter but that could be enough for my prototype v2

Regarding tape, I was thinking about that too, but some peoples told me it was not that good, I don't really know what to think of it

@Antot wiki says it's the same thing as tarp apparently.

i reckon you might be able to do something with the seams using wax, depending on the fabric you end up using?
Upon further investigation, seam tape appears to be just some fancy glue that melts into the seam, so maybe the right sort of glue or resin would do the job?

@becky Sure!, waxed canvas is on my to-try list for a low-tech bag.
My mom has been doing it to replace cling film, but it becomes really stiff and crumples
also, abrasion on the material is quite odd
This makes me think that baggages using wax should be "weathered" or something like that
Have you dealt with waxed fabric before?

@Antot no not really, sorry. I’m not sure how often you have to rewax it either.
I would have thought that waxed canvas would be intended for much less flexible uses than cling film, but again I don’t really know much about it.
I had a quick look at waterproofing methods on some tent websites though, which I recommend looking up. If there’s anything you don’t want leaking it’s a tent so I’d assume they know what they’re talking about

@Antot I found some old billboard vinyl to use last time I made panniers! I can probably remember some tips if you need any...

@Hylyx Cool stuff!
billboard vinyl is definitely too heavy for my needs but I'd be interested to know how you sew it and made it waterproof
what did you use for the closing system? rolltop? zipper? cord?

My panniers are store-bought but the construction is really interesting: the seams are welded with RF (definitely out of my league for DIY) but all the attachement points are riveted (definitely easier to do!)

@Antot sewed it with my machine and a leather needle, used cheap seam tape that worked well enough, zipper closure.

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