being a loyal bernie supporter doesn't mean ignoring the bad parts of bernie's base. it does however mean confronting them.

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What, and I can not stress this enough, the fuck. Ok, you can have that viewpoint. I can understand that viewpoint. I can even respect it. But rejoicing at the death of tyrants is not the same as celebrating nazism. And I shouldn't have to clarify that.

@RadioAngel @GwenfarsGarden @puffinus_puffinus there is a larger problem. Nothing incentives conflict resolution and peer mediation here. The default is always to burn it down and run away. It really is what I said, though. Read it again.
I proposed a "fuck Stalin day" and you seem to have taken it as an endorsement of him.
Celebrating someone's death is literally the opposite of celebrating their birth.

Petition to make March 5th a public holiday because it's Rosa Luxemburg's birthday and the day that Stalin fuckin died

Optimism isn't about pretending everything's fine, it's about stubbornly insisting on making things better.

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The arch of history is long and bends towards justice because we're gonna fuckin make it do that, damn it

Joe Biden's entire political platform is "My best friend is black."

Change my mind.


Yeah, I saw. I think I understand the situation, but I was very confused at first.

I really like waking up and finding the end of an argument here. Having to go backwards through a conversation to figure out what the heck happened is very convenient. This website is designed in a very clever way.

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New rule: you don't get to discourage people from participating in electoral politics unless you can point them in the direction if other viable political participation.


Bernie needs to shore up his weakness with older voters. Maybe show pictures of his grandkids at a speech. Tell long stories that don't go anywhere. Unveil a "universal your grandkids will call you" plan.

In seriousness, maybe he could explain why young people like him so much. Because they're just trying to have a life.

Talk about the younger people whose parents will never have grandkids because of the awful economic conditions they live in.

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