Trying an acct over on @thrivecurious to see if I can get it to talk to my masto phone app.

What is happening at daffodil-11?
Is this a security concern, a bot, or just someone who keeps making new accounts?

Theft? More like reapropriating labor value.

Once upon a time, FOSS enthusiasts were so concerned about Microsoft, that they recommended everyone use GMail and Google Apps.

Today the same crowd hates Google, so they recommend $SERVICE instead...

As long as $SERVICE is a provider in the cloud, on somebody else's computer, I'm shaking my head.

Many of the things being recommended are even more proprietary and locked-down than Google's stuff is!

Fighting monopolies is good. But don't lie to yourself that this helps software freedom.

Setting the florespondence tag as a column is self-care.

self-care, physical affection directed towards reader 

sitting next to you and holding your hand for a while because it's okay to take a little break if you need to

Company wide conference call today to learn how to use the new conference phones. LOVE TO EXIST IN THIS REALITY.

National anthems are proof that nationalists are terrible at art.

โ€œIM AN EMPATHโ€ I scream, careening into the room knocking over multiple stacks of dishes and tripping your grandma as she makes her way to the restroom

I feel like not enough people focus on the fact that Germany wants to outlaw hosting Tor servers. A significant amount of Tor is hosted from Germany, but more importantly, if Germany outlaws it, many other countries that so far were afraid to do so will follow suite. All intelligence agencies despise Tor and lobby their governments to shut it down. It's a slippery slope.

#Tor #Germany #Privacy

The thing that makes the kitten mug disquieting is actually very specific -- the issue is simply that when we gaze upon the mug, we compulsively begin confessing to crimes we did not commit.

lewd fragile masculinity shitpost ft. transphobia 

Men are always like "if I had titties I'd just be inside playing with them all day" but when you tell them they can make that happen they freak the fuck out.

@starwall @_aD Honeslty Russian villages just have great flags? This one I didn't even seen until earlier today! Novokharitonskoe, Russia.

It's actually supposed to symbolize electrical insulators, the main industry in their town!

an ocean of coins
placed one by one
wishes pulled
from pockets, purses, palms


of Amontillado (1994)

When Fortunato (Jim Carrey) is trapped in a wine cellar by his supposed friend Montresor, he finds a strange mask that grants him bizarre powers

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