expecting every single person on the earth to spend most of their waking lives doing work that gets them some money under the game logic of markets in order to live just sounds fucking bonkers to me

like if you really just think about the rationale of "jobs creation" in itself, it just sounds ridiculous in its extremity and naivety - it sounds almost puritanical (it is puritanical)

the reason this logic is so accepted is because we've been sold a pack of lies that this is the norm or natural when the reality is that mostpeople throughout history and pre-history actually spent less hours labouring than us (generally speaking) and this very particular configuration we live under is not universal and is only one of many possible ways of doing things


i think the most powerful way to convert someone from centrism to being a leftist is making them realise that the current way of doing things (everybody has to work for a living and we have to work for wages and 40+ hours a week) is not the only way of doing things and our attitude towards work is not precedented in history or necessitated by economics - and i think it's actually surprisingly easy

You could start with something desirable and in some cases achievable, like demand more flexibility? Slowly leading onto demands for less work and more life.



Agree, people think capitalism is the only possiblilty, and that needs to be attacked directly.

Also rent. Why should one person be able to 'own' according to the state, two houses, and charge someone who has no house to live in one of them? Humans hate rent, and rentiers.

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@cocoron i think those labels are a 20century thinking. we need new ones. or no labels at all. lets just call it being smart

@cocoron or actually, anti-globalist. because it is those people that force those things upon us, they also force the left-right think upon us. So dropping that would make us free. maybe an even more acurate term would be to convert someone from a centrist(which is a pro status quo) to a freedom-ist or free thinker

Yes..most people understand that there is a problem..but it is tough to make realize that there is a possible solution.

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