So I've been informed by two different people that users on have been getting unsolicited contact from the admin and users of another instance about switching over to their instance while putting down It seems to be some kind of weird "recruitment drive" for an invite-only instance. They look to be targetting people who are more tech savvy.

I won't name which instance it is, as I think they might just be targetting right now, but I feel like this is something other instance admins should be aware of.

@t54r4n1 it's so weird, i can't believe "instance poaching" is a thing


I think I've seen a toot like that, yes.. (but wouldn't find it again, I'm afraid)

*from memory* was something like "you're welcome to my instance, as is shutting donw - but you have a few months left to decide" .

@joa_abc is not shutting down

i would be really grateful if you could send a link to the toot, but if not, that's okay

@cocoron FFS. I wouldn't want to go near any instance that had this kind of behaviour. That's quite disgusting.

@cocoron who would betray our lovely pirate captain :blocblob: :salute:

Standing at a street corner of the fediverse, wearing a long coat and sunglasses.

"Hey kid, wanna come check out my instance?"

@cocoron you totally should let everyone know what instance was doing that

@hal I have (hopeully) taken measures to stop it, if I hear any more reports about it continuing I will have to go public with the instance.

@cocoron That' naughty, and I dislike "Invite Only" as well. Smacks of Elitism.

There's nothing to stop you harvesting and selling people's data by running your own dodgy Mastodon instance, I think.

Perhaps these instances are backed by a corporation, or individual who plans to do this.

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