@zxv I guess the went too close to the "creepy line". who would have thought it's a bad idea?

@zxv Hmm. Where am I at on this?

βœ… Run my own e-mail server
❓ DuckDuckGo (60%~70%; Google the rest)
βœ… Firefox
πŸ‘Ž Still haven't setup a PeerTube Server
πŸ‘Ž Here Maps is Okay, but doesn't work with Android Auto (fuck you Google)
❓ Mostly use MEGA, but still have some things that only support Drive

I still have one phone I want to try miniG (Android with fake Google Services) on and I'd like to switch to KDE Plasma Mobile once I get a Purism 5.

@djsumdog Email and Phone are my main challenges. For email I worry about GMail dropping email I send to people still on the platform.

Do you have a sense of how much of your email is getting lost?

@zxv I wrote a post about that:


It sucks. I usually tell people I sent them an e-mail on some other medium. After the first one is marked as 'not spam', the rest get through fine. To be fair, even before 2013 when I Was on gmail ... I'd have e-mail to other gmail addresses marked as spam .. and I've been on gmail since like 2004!

@djsumdog yea that's what I'm afraid of. I use a mail forward from domains I own so no one has had my gmail email address basically ever. But that sucks if I can't email someone without needing to tell them somehow that my first email will be in the spam folder. Fuck Google.

@zxv GMail is no big problem. Set up SPF/DKIM/DMARC and it just works.
But to get Microsoft to accept E-Mails usually involves filling in an appeal form to get your IP whitelisted.

@allo will something like github.com/tomav/docker-mailse do everything?

I know there are like a dozen mail-in-a-box solutions. I picked that one largely since its README was the longest.

@zxv Hard to tell from the readme alone.
The list of services looks good and the Dockerfile is not too complicated, but without trying it I cannot recommend or recommend against it.

But I would recommend using it only when you have a good enough understanding what's happening there, when you want to use it for more than a pet project. Otherwise you will have problems when some part of the mail-in-a-box solution does not work as expected and you do not know which one.

@zxv on second though.. 151 gbp for a subscription to canada is pretty steep

@zxv I believe this is their website ? They seem to have work to do to free themselves from google too. Don't know if what they say in issue 490 is good or not though.

Looks nice
Did you open the magazine? What did it recommend?

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