URGENT CALL OUT: Bailiffs threatening imminent eviction at recently reclaimed HS2 protest camp at Harvil Road, Uxbridge. Numbers are low, come down if you can

My friend works for a seed company and she says they have gathered up and written off their seed from last year. It won't be sold, so I guess it won't be used. She's going to try to grab some to share with people. Remember capitalism is the most efficient system.

Writing tip: If there is a word you feel like you have to define, but only use the word once or twice, you'd be better off just inlining the definition.

And we really do want to get to post-scarcity. So many talented people can't access the few good institutions we have since the entry cost is having privilege of some kind.

How do we balance the needs between having a sustainable society and a post-scarcity society For many they see caring about environmental issues as a luxury.

My personal take is we have enough resources to have both and the we just need to apply what we already know to get there. There are oil companies to eliminate and forests to be planted.

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Hi all! My reading group is looking for anarchist texts that get a little deeper into theory, praxis, and history of anarchist thought, but are still modern enough to be accessible. Kropotkin, et al, are great, but we're looking for something that's more like a modern summary/analysis of Kropotkin (if y'all get what I mean).

Happy to hear any suggestions you might have!

Be sure to check out this two-part essay on Automation and the Future of Work. The TLDR is that low-labour demand comes not from automation but a glut of overproduction of global industry.

Of course when we live in a neoliberal time, the dominant ideology doesn't allow us to use this glut to support people as they try to create the industries of the future or just be happy and creative without the possibility of profit.



So looks like Direct Messages and Polls still giving 500 error codes.

Those who deride even the mildest socialist policy by arguing that "there's no money for it" are the same people who pledge themselves to a system which revolves around the idea that endless economic growth is somehow a realistic achievable goal.

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Hey, hi, hello! It's 2020 and I'm Conlin!

I love talking about:
- Software Engineering
- Libertarian Socialism
- Feminism
- LGBTQ+ Rights
- Unions (Proud Wobbly here)
- Worker Co-ops
- Learning new things
- Animals!
- Cooking
- Environmentalism
- Music

& so, so much more.

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I wish I could find the passage in Marx. The one about capitalism objectifying humans and giving humanity to objects. Creative work becomes a thing you buy and sell while markets are endowed with "wants" and "desires".

Can I get some help from people who read more than I do?

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