Is afrofuturism an american thing?

Is it a thing outside the african-american diaspora?


These questions are borne from a frustration that intersects in unknown-to-me ways with my anti-racist and international ideals.

I want to listen to wise people, when they talk about how to improve human society.

But I don't want to take instructions from USA-ans steeped in USA-an culture and biases.

I want to be able to have my own danish culture, and improve it to exist in cooperation and alongside all the other cultures on this earth.

American Imperialism is not welcome here. And unfortunately, imperialism is intertwined with and has tainted most of USA-an culture, and I struggle to distinguish it as an outsider.

In conclusion, there's a tangle of difficult and hard intersections here.
I want to support some concepts, but struggle against other concepts, and they're all intertwined. Fuck

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